The Miracle of the Resurrection in You

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A 7-Day Online Meditation Process to Connect to Jesus and Mary

Sunday, April 9th - Sunday, April 16th, 2017

She gave initiation to Jesus, chanting Shiva bijaksharas. These prayers are like power numbers, like using your cell number, to call the soul. Mary regenerated Jesus’ through her womb chakra, then she sent Jesus’ soul back to his body to make him alive. What your western mind calls the crucifixion is called Khandana Yoga in the Indian System. Regenerating what was completely broken.~ Sri Kaleshwar

Join us for a 7 Day online meditation process connecting to Jesus and Mary. This course will go deeper into the miracle of the crucifixion and the resurrection as revealed in ancient palm leaf manuscripts from India.

We will use PIN codes from the ancient knowledge to connect to Jesus and Mary and access the energy of the resurrection.

The crucifixion was one of the most extraordinary miracles to happen in the creation. Both Jesus and Mary made this to happen. Mary connected to a piece of Jesus’ soul, and using her womb chakra and consciousness brought Jesus back to life. Mary gave birth to Jesus twice. The impact of that event in the creation is still unfolding now. It demonstrates that anything is possible in this creation with love and shakti, the Divine Mother’s energy.

The message of Jesus and Mary’s lives is that greatness exists in each soul. Every person is capable of achieving extraordinary things and being a light to this world. Every aspect of our being can be healed and transformed into pure divinity through the channels that Jesus and Mary practiced.

This course will explore the teachings of what was implemented while Jesus was on the cross.

We will also go deeper into the soul mechanisms that Jesus and Mary implemented in their own lives. These are secrets of miracle energy.

“Jesus had one hundred percent true love on his mother, unbelievable, unconditional love. There’s a strong golden statement. Only a person who has the attachment of unconditional true love can heal and re-manifest a body…to reach that stage, every person needs a power spot, soul object, personal mantra and a soul mate. If you take this one point – soul mate – it can help you go on the path of unconditional true love.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar

This Easter embody your own divine capacity through a direct relationship with the energy of Jesus and Mary.

What You Will Do in This Course:

  • BONUS! Participate in a two-hour sacred fire ceremony (puja) with remote blessing energy transmission for abundance and prosperity on April 9th ($54 value for FREE).
  • Participate in a holy bath (abishek) to Dattatreya and sacred fire ceremony (puja) with remote blessing energy transmissions on April 10th.
  • Participate in a four-hour sacred global peace fire ceremony (puja) with remote blessing energy transmission on April 11th
  • Join two private global teaching satsangs. These live teach­ing satsangs will be recorded and made avail­able online to group mem­bers.
  • Participate in an Easter festival of events on April 16th including live bhajans, teaching satsang, and special Easter sacred fire ceremony (puja) with remote blessing energy transmission.
  • Join (when possible) in a world­wide group med­i­ta­tion for 7 days
  • Be a part of a group discussion board / blog forum.
  • Be a part of a global spir­i­tual com­mu­nity now step­ping for­ward to act together to bring love, peace and heal­ing to our planet.

What You Will Receive:

  • Five remote energy (shakti) transmissions from the Divine Lineage Healing Center
  • Daily teachings from the ancient knowledge
  • Full access to a channel through which to watch all course events and energy transmissions live
  • Full access to all program materials within your own student account

Important Course Dates (PDT):

All Course Events Will Be Broadcast Live!

  • Sunday, April 9th - Course Begins
  • Sunday, April 9th 8:00PM - 9:00PM - Teachings Satsang
  • Sunday, April 9th 3:00PM - 5:00PM - Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) for Prosperity (FREE, usual cost $54)
  • Monday, April 10th 1:00PM - 5:00PM - Sacred Full Moon Fire Ceremony (Puja) and Holy Bath (Abishek) of Dattatreya Murthi
  • Tuesday, April 11th 1:00PM - 5:00PM - Sacred Global Peace Fire Ceremony (Puja)
  • Sunday, April 16th - Easter festival of events including a teaching satsang, healing music (bhajans) and sacred fire ceremony (puja) connecting to the Christ Consciousness

All text in gold italics are quotes from Sri Kaleshwar

Your Instructor(s)

Monika Taylor Penukonda & Nityaananda
Monika Taylor Penukonda & Nityaananda

Monika Tay­lor Penukonda and Nityaananda (Clint Thomp­son, MD), were trained directly in India by Sri Kalesh­war, a sid­dha mas­ter, for 15 years until his mahasamadhi in 2012. Trav­el­ling fre­quently with Sri Kalesh­war, they led processes where many stu­dents received Mother Divine’s dar­shan. They have taught exten­sively in Amer­ica and at the Soul Uni­ver­sity in Penukonda, India. They now reside at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia and cur­rently give teach­ings, heal­ings and shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion around the world.

About Monika, Sri Kalesh­war said, “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother, Kanaka Durga’s, feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She’ll walk and give a lot of wis­dom and clar­ity to bloom wis­dom. This lady will bless mil­lions of peo­ple on the planet. She’s going to do it.”

Monika is the author of Kalesh­war and a mod­ern ren­der­ing of the Sri Sai Satchar­i­tra, The Won­der­ful Life and Teach­ings of Shirdi Sai Baba. She was the edi­tor of Sri Kaleshwar’s books, includ­ing The Real Life and Teach­ings of Jesus Christ and Shirdi Sai Baba, The Uni­ver­sal Mas­ter.

Dr. Thomp­son (Nityaananda) is a physi­cian who often helped Sri Kalesh­war in yogic processes, includ­ing yoga samadhi and large group shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion. He is a mas­ter healer, and trains heal­ers in Sai Shakti heal­ing tech­niques. He is the author of The Aware­ness of Heal­ing.

Sri Kaleshwar gave Nityaananda a special channel with the yantras of the palm leaf books. For years, he worked directly with Swami on each yantra of the Parameshwari palm leaf manuscript and was given personal instruction by Swami how to draw and teach yantras to others.

Class Curriculum


The 21 day program (2016 Be the Light) is having a profound impact on my life. My friend has remarked on a new confidence. I only know that I am finding life more light, less onerous. I find it difficult to quantify the difference (Shirdi Sai) Baba has made in my life through you. I believe the difference is hope.

J.M.K, Virgin Islands, USA

Wow!!! I don´t expect such an extensive course! My heart is so wide open. I feel so much love. To create such a course... thank you all for your work, love and being. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge in that way. I am deeply touched.

A.E., Gummersbah, Germany

That was an amazing call this morning! The energy was fragrant and palpable... I taste it even now! Sincerely hope the recording will be released - there is much to chew on here.


I am impressed with the depth of the multiple profound meditation/ processes in this program. This is so beautiful! These programs are always better if possible (deeper as energy, love, beauty) than the previous always! I was deeply moved by the depth of the process and filled with much humbleness and gratitude. The program were deeply healing to us.

M.D., Seattle, WA, USA

We had a wonderful Maha Shivaratri celebration. I could sense the energy connection.

M.S.M., Labenz, Germany

Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful Miracles of Sai and Shivaratri Programm. Beautiful amazing Divine Energies i can feel. Thank you everyone for all your work.

M.G., Austria, Germany

Thank you so much for that great gift you gave to us through giving that program! Thank you!!! The need of all of us to see the Mother, the aching for that connection to the Mother takes us forward and here you are, offering the remedies!! Our heart is filled with love again to you as instruments of the Divine. May Mother bless you with infinite satchitananda.

A.H., Oberösterreich, Austria

I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the amazing series of programs. What a beautiful experience that was. It helped me hugely with my volunteering in Vancouver that I do on my time off from work in Alberta, a hospital and old age home. I hope with time I will have more clarity on how can I help the mission. If there is anything I can help with, I would gladly do so.

Y.K., British Columbia, Canada

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