The Seed of Miracles

Pranic Prathistha - Receive the Energy of Dattatreya & Sri Kaleshwar

14th Anniversary Event

Saturday, May 23, 2020

There is a Datta statue. What Swami put there...I did the pratishtha. Pratishtha means, I made it. I gave the power to that statue...Dattatreya is the most amazing, powerful person who can stop Her illusion nets…A few people can see me there too, in the Datta statue. Who really has certain chakras, they’re really opened and they’re really able to see. Your Swami’s presence is also there and the Mother’s presence is also there. - Sri Kaleshwar

Join powerful shakti-energy processes during a one-day event to connect to Dattatreya and Sri Kaleshwar during this auspicious time.

It has been 14 years since the murti of Dattatreya miraculously arrived and Sri Kaleshwar installed his soul in it through the yogic process of Pranic Pratishtha. He said many would have divine darshan and their prayers answered through the miraculous energy of Dattatreya that flows through the murti.

Participate remotely from wherever you are in a Healing Music (Bhajans) Concert, Maha Milk Holy Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya, and in a Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) connecting to Sri Kaleshwar and Dattatreya.

The Holy Bath process will include a group meditation. While watching the Holy Bath, participants will receive the transmission of the divine vibrations being created by the union of the Shiva/Shakti energies of the power object (statue) and milk. This is a process to wash fear and pain, to pray for the suffering we know of in the world, and to experience the miracle energies of Sri Kaleshwar and Dattatreya.

In This Course You Will

· Receive a never before released satsang, "Dattatreya & the Sripāda Srivallabha Charitramrutam," with Mataji, Nityaanandaji & Mahavir on the nature of Dattatreya as illustrated within the Sripāda Srivallabha Charitamrutam, a biography of a Dattatreya Avatar.

· Join a Healing Music (Bhajans) Concert with Baba's Bhajan Band

· Join a Maha Milk Holy Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya with group meditation

· Join a Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) to connect to Sri Kaleshwar and Dattatreya


New for Dattatreya: The Seed of Miracles!

Blessing Transmissions with Mataji and Nityaanandaji

Dattatreya Blessing with PO

Blessing Transmission for the Miracle You Need in Your Life with Solid Brass Dattatreya Statue Power Object

"Same prayer, same energy, same method, nothing changing anything, but he (Dattatreya) is always 9 steps ahead."

Invite the blessings and protection of Dattatreya into your life. As part of your blessing transmission, you will receive a solid brass Dattatreya statue which has miraculously bled a healing milk liquid for your home, personal altar and enlightenment process. Supply is extremely limited.

Dakshina: $3000

Dattatreya Miracle Blessing

Blessing Transmission for the Miracle You Need in Your Life

Dattatreya is the Guru of Gurus, the source of miracles, and the energy of the peak enlightenment experience. Dattatreya is the top character to remove any illusion from the soul and to remove negativity and anything that is holding you back.

Dakshina: $599

Shiva/Shakti Dattatreya Power Spot Sri Sailam

Naga Rudraksha

Rudraksha Seed Connecting to Sri Sailam

Linking to Sri Sailam, a powerful Shiva-Shakti power spot of the ancient palm leaf manuscripts in Southern India. This is a rare, naturally occurring rudraksha seed blessed with the high Shiva-Shakti energies of Sri Sailam. This naga rudraksha comes with silver findings ready to wear on a necklace, mala, or chain.

Dakshina: $280

Shiva Shakti Rudraksha

Rudraksha Seed Connecting to Sri Sailam

"I used to meditate with a special rudraksha, it’s a union of shiva shakti, both are linked - two rudrakshas coming together. This is very unusual to get this kind of seed. Shiva always wears this rudraksha. It’s high vibrations and very powerful to protect your soul. Once if it's on the body it’s not that easy for somebody to hurt you. It will kill negative vibrations, making it impossible to receive negative vibrations. It’s called Gauri-Shankar rudraksha, union rudraksha."

Dakshina: $280

One Eyed Rudraksha

Rudraksha Seed Connecting to Sri Sailam

"The top, most powerful, rudraksha is the one-eyed rudraksha. In the lifetime of the (rudraksha) tree every year a tree makes one seed, one fruit with one eye. That's all. The real true powerful one. What happens to someone who has that seed? When you are wearing it on your neck when you are sleeping (or meditating), it sucks unbelievable cosmic energy from the nature. Whatever good fortune you really want, it starts to make it happen in your life."

Dakshina: $280

Bring A Piece of Shiva Directly Into Your Life /

Power Objects with High Shiva Protection Energy

"When I went to Manasarova, after meditating there, using my channel and touching the water, I saw, I felt, his instruments are there in the deepest, deepest lake. Shiva’s energy is completely controlling this entire planet from there. That’s the top energy I felt." - Sri Kaleshwar

The Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Nepal is the site of a Joytir Lingam and a Shiva power spot in the tradition of the ancient knowledge of the palm leaf manuscripts. Sri Kaleshwar advised that all students of the ancient knowledge touch or connect to this Shiva power spot in this lifetime. Rudraksha japa males from Pashupatinath temple and charged at Lake Manasarovar available in small and large sizes.

Small Rudraksha Mala

Connect to Pashupatinath and Manasarovar Power Spots

Small rudraksha japa mala (beads 0.5" diameter) from Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu blessed at Lake Manasarovar.

Dakshina: $150

Large Rudraksha Mala

Connect to Pashupatinath and Manasarovar Powerspots

Large rudraksha japa mala (beads 1" diameter) from Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu blessed at Lake Manasarovar.

Dakshina: $250

Natural Lingam Power Object

Connect to Manasarovar Power Spot

Keep a link to the Elements of Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar on your personal altar and use in your meditations. These are naturally formed Shiva Lingams collected from Lake Manasarovar and blessed with those highest Shiva/Shakti Power Spot vibrations. Available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes.

Extra Large Natural Lingam

Extra large natural lingam (2" - 2 1/2 ") collected from Lake Manasarovar.

Dakshina: $108

Medium Natural Lingam

Medium natural lingam (3/4" - 1 1/4") collected from Lake Manasarovar.

Dakshina: $50

Small Natural Lingam

Small natural lingams (1/2" - 3/4") collected from Lake Manasarovar.

Dakshina: $50 for Two Small Natural Lingams

Dattatreya: The Seed of Miracles

Saturday, May 23, 2020

"If you predicted one way, he (Dattatreya) comes different way. So that’s the first symptoms of his character. He won’t give what you expected. He’ll give what you didn’t expect. If you keep expecting it, he’ll keep postponing it. If you give up to his hands, he’ll come to you. Even if you have a thought in your mind, ‘ok I want this,’ no chance, you’re under illusion. You have to simply do what he is. If you’re using your own strange mentality, you have to know he’s 100 times stronger than you. So, another part, Dattatreya is so unbelievable amazing, kind and so messy. Same time super hard. Once if he likes you, he’s ready to do anything for you. But he’ll do his own way, his own style. " - Sri Kaleshwar

Participate remotely from wherever you are in a Healing Music (Bhajans) Concert, Maha Milk Holy Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya, and in a Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) connecting to Sri Kaleshwar and Dattatreya.

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The online courses offered through the Divine Mother Center provide a rare opportunity to experience the blessings of sacred energy processes remotely. Connecting with my soul family through these programs gives me tangible community and support through the distance, and facilitates a deepening awareness of health, healing, and divine presence in my personal and dharmic paths. Thank you to everyone involved in the transmission of this knowledge.

- Tara Song, Los Angelas, California USA

It's so easy for my attention to get pulled to the continual demands of daily life, but I'm so grateful for your loving reminders of our dharma and purpose so that I can once again put my attention and focus on the True Reality and then experience the clarity that that brings.

- Suzanna Power, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Your Instructor(s)

Mataji & Nityanandaji
Mataji & Nityanandaji

Monika 'Mataji' Penukonda

Mataji worked closely with Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) for 15 years in Penukonda, India. She is the editor and ghostwriter of his books: The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ; Shirdi Baba, The Universal Master, Victory Through Vaastu: Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture; The Divine Mystery Fort, The Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar. She is the author of Kaleshwar, and a modern-day rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra. Sri Kaleshwar said of her, “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother Kanaka Durga’s feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She’ll walk and give a lot of wisdom, and clarity to bloom wisdom. This lady will bless millions of people on the planet.” Sri Kaleshwar transferred the lineage to her shortly before his mahasamadhi in 2012.

Nityanandaji (Clint Thomp­son, MD)

After experiencing the power of Sai Shakti Healing firsthand from Sri Kaleshwar, he gave up his Western medical practice to study healing in India. For 15 years, he was trained directly by Sri Kaleshwar to train other healers in the West. Nityanandaji was Sri Kaleshwar's personal physician; he is the author of The Aware­ness of Heal­ing. He founded the Divine Lineage Center in 2004.

Mataji & Nityanandaji now reside at the Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter in Mendocino County, Northern Cal­i­for­nia. They give teach­ings, heal­ings and shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion at the Center and via remote transmission all around the world. They have led processes in which many students received the darshan of the Divine Mother.

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