The Five Elements energy channels are the elemental forces of creation that resides both in the natural world and within you: Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air.
The 'Five Elements Meditation Mastery' course is for anyone who wants to awaken divine energy channels within them. Connect with the elemental forces of creation through a series of powerful mantra meditations that will change your life forever.

Supernatural self-healing. Life- changing connection.

If you're yearning for real spiritual awakening, the 'Five Elements Meditation Mastery' course is for you.

Whether you are just beginning to meditate, or you are already a seasoned meditator and want to heal and awaken to the nature’s elemental rhythms, this course is for you.

Experiencing the Five Elements Meditation Mastery course, you will be embark on a magical journey of self-healing and awakening that forever alters your soul's relationship with the universe.

"I can't express in words how the Five Elements course changed my life."


Your Five Elements Mastery Course Includes:

  • 7 Teaching Videos
  • Detailed instructions on charging the Five Elements mantras & yantra
  • References for further study
  • Pre-recorded Question and Answer sessions
  • Ongoing Interactive Blog to ask questions and share experiences with other students
  • Downloadable recordings of course materials and more,

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