Join us for live 1-hour Community Question and Answer Sessions the first Saturday of every month from 4 - 5 pm Pacific / 7 - 8 pm Eastern!

You will meet Divine Mother Center spiritual coaches as you explore the Five Elements together. These sessions are open to everyone in any stage of charging the Five Elements Meditation Process and anyone who has charged the process, to answer your questions and explore your meditation and Five Elements soul self-healing experiences.

Come with your Five Elements Meditation Process questions, curiosity, and personal experiences to share (for example):
  • Process dikshas
  • How to hold a mala
  • Proper pronunciation of mantras and bijas
  • What to do if your mala touches the ground
  • Charging symptoms
  • Questions about soul healing techniques with the Five Elements
  • How to give shaktipat
  • Washing soul karmas and blocks
  • Decharging questions

These Question and Answer sessions are designed as a gathering place for anyone who has questions about the Five Elements process, whether you're just beginning to charge the Five Elements, you've charged them but want to know how to implement healing techniques or you want to teach the process, you'll find knowledgeable coaches and teachers available to answer your questions and support your experiences along the way!

Live Sessions Held the First Saturday of Every Month

(Hosted by A Different Teacher Each Month)

4pm - 5 pm Pacific
(7pm - 8pm Eastern)

This course is a free community resource.
Give dakshina for each session you join, using the link in this course.

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Need A Five Elements Coach?

Let our coaches support you and guide you to success in this powerful journey of self-awakening! Whether you’re new to meditation or have been meditating for years, a meditation coach offers new perspective and guidance into working with the Five Elements process.