Shivaratri 2019

A Shakti Meditation Process to Merge with Shiva

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Merging with Shiva is nothing but merging with the elements completely. There is no sensation. You won’t feel anything, just quiet, amazing bliss and amazing peace. A layer of peace is covering around you. It’s the same as when you’re in the mother’s womb. Once you’re in the mother’s womb there’s nothing but bliss there.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Be Who You Are

To merge with Shiva is to become indistinguishable from Shiva. Shiva's qualities of pure consciousness, peace, unconditional love, and forgiveness, can become yours. Yogis and yoginis, seek Him in meditation; Shiva frees you from the bonds of karma and shows you your true nature.

Meditating in oneness, I experience ‘I am eternal. I am pure. I am intelligent. I am free. I am unbounded consciousness. I am the eternal Shiva.’

The Opportunity of Shivaratri

Shivaratri is a precious time in spirituality. Shiva makes His descent to the earth plane to bestow grace and transmit consciousness in His devotees. It is the night Shiva gives shaktipat to His devotees. Even if your mind and heart is filled with negativity, He invites you to merge with Him and become His companion. Shiva showers His grace on all. Just by inviting Him.

If you’re smart in the Shiva energy during these couple of days (Shivaratri), making the focus, you can cut off the string of negativity from many, many lifetimes. It can go out. That’s why they call it a Shiva lingam, there is no beginning, there is no ending. Shiva’s the right person. He always sits in a deep vairagya stage. At the same time, He’s unbelievably more powerful than Brahma, than Vishnu. Brahma and Vishnu also have to meditate for Shiva’s blessing.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Shiva is the one who will take blocks, limitations and problems from you. Unworthiness, insecurity, guilt, feeling left out, all angles of torturing yourself. When you merge with Shiva, naturally you realize you are free of your limitations.

Some of the Benefits of Connecting to Shiva

Be free of blocks and human tendencies

Develop a loving and forgiving nature

Become a natural healer to friends and family

Third-eye power

Deepening meditations

Merge in pure consciousness

Develop physic intuition


Natural contentment and caring for others

Your Shivaratri Process

March 1st - March 5th, 2019

Shiva is easily pleased, this is one of His special characteristics. He accepts you even if you only ask once. The smallest act of devotion, offering a leaf or a drop of water, is enough. His compassion is infinite.

As a participant of this process, you will practice a simple daily meditation process to merge with Shiva and experience your true nature: boundless, infinite bliss.

What You Will Do in This Course

• A Shakti Meditation Group Process using sacred formulas from the ancient knowledge to merge with Shiva

• Morning 'Karuna Sai' Baba Abishek, Aarathi, and singing Baba's Stotram (108 Holy names) broadcast connecting to 'Shiva Sai'

• Daily Remote Global Meditation with Process Group using the power of a group, to magnify prayers for peace and one another’s success

• Special Sri Chakra Blessing Energy Process to begin process

• Special Meditation Process on Shivaratri night

• Special Sudarshana Sacred Fire Ceremony Blessing Energy Transmission the day after Shivaratri

• Group Process Blog to share experiences, insights, and questions with your process group

What You Will Receive in This Course

• Distance Blessing Healing Transmission during Sri Chakra Process on first day of program

• 4 New Private Teaching Satsangs with Monika & Nityaananda

• Distance Blessing Healing Transmission during a Maha Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) on Shivaratri

• Special Sudarshana Sacred Fire Ceremony Blessing Energy Transmission the day after Shivaratri

• Selected Teaching on Shiva & the Ancient Mission from Sri Kaleshwar

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Your Instructor(s)

Monika Penukonda Taylor & Nityaananda
Monika Penukonda Taylor & Nityaananda

Monika Penukonda Tay­lor

Monika worked closely with Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) for 15 years in Penukonda, India. She is the editor and ghostwriter of his books: The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ; Shirdi Baba, The Universal Master, Victory Through Vaastu: Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture; The Divine Mystery Fort, The Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar. Sri Kaleshwar transferred the lineage to her shortly before his mahasamadhi in 2012. She is the author ofKaleshwar, and a modern-day rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra. Sri Kaleshwar said of her, “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother Kanaka Durga’s feet. She is a Divine Ma on the planet. She’ll walk and give a lot of wisdom, and clarity to bloom wisdom. This lady will bless millions of people on the planet.” Sri Kaleshwar transferred the lineage to her shortly before his mahasamadhi in 2012.

Nityaananda (Clint Thomp­son, MD)

After experiencing the power of Sai Shakti Healing firsthand from Sri Kaleshwar, he gave up his Western medical practice to study healing in India. For 15 years, he was trained directly by Sri Kaleshwar then asked by him to train other healers in the West. Nityaananda was Sri Kaleshwar's personal physician; he is the author of The Aware­ness of Heal­ing. He founded the Divine Lineage Center in 2004.

Monika and Nityaananda now reside at the Divine Lin­eage Cen­ter in Mendocino County, Northern Cal­i­for­nia. They give teach­ings, heal­ings and shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion at the Center and around the world. They have led processes in which many students received the darshan of the Divine Mother.

Shivaratri is the night of Shiva. An explosion of cosmic energy happens on the earth plane on this auspicious night. The Puranas describe the first Shivaratri, when the cosmic explosion called ‘Big Bang’ occurred and Shiva descended as an infinite shaft of light extending from the sky to earth. Each year, on the night of Shivaratri, a reflection of this explosion happens and intense cosmic energy radiates on the planet.

Shiva makes His descent to the earth plane to bestow grace and consciousness in His devotees. Shiva accepts all beings. Even if your mind and heart is filled with negativity, He invites you to be His companion. He showers His grace on all. Just by inviting Him.

Course Curriculum

  Section 6: Selected Teachings & Transcripts
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What People Are Saying About Divine Lineage Distance Meditation Processes...

I am so grateful to have been able to be part of this program! Thank you for making it possible, thank you for sharing this knowledge. Words are not adequate, it has blown me away. So, from my heart, thank you!!! - C.N, Austin, Texas

Every moment was filled with teachings, the Global Group Meditations were very powerful - so powerful I often found myself coming back to join the group only to find that I had been away for almost two hours in silence, feeling relaxed and joyful. - J.R., United Kingdom

Wow!!! I don´t expect such an extensive course! My heart is so wide open. I feel so much love. To create such a course... thank you all for your work, love and being. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge in this way. I am deeply touched. - A.E., Gummersbah, Germany

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