Maheshwari Yoga Process Brings Mother Divine Darshan to the West

The power of this ancient knowledge was demonstrated to the world in 2007-8 by hundreds of students who through the Maheshwari Yoga process had darshan of Mother Divine. This was the first time that the knowledge from the palm leaf manuscript was released to the world. Historically it had only been available to a very few.

In 2007, after Sri Kaleshwar had been working on translating the palm leaf manuscript for several months, an American tour was scheduled for him to teach this knowledge and give this initiation to Western students for the first time. However, instead of doing these initiations in person, Sri Kaleshwar sent Monika and Nityaananda to America to do them in his place, explaining that his physical presence was not necessary. Sri Kaleshwar instructed them how to be a channel through which he would give the initiations in America while he was in yoga samadhi in India. Through this yogic process over two hundred people were initiated into Maheshwari Yoga in the West. These first initiations in the United States were held in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, California in September 2007. From this group, one hundred thirty people traveled to India in March 2008 and received Mother Divine’s darshan in Sri Kaleshwar's graceful presence.

During the spring and summer of 2008, under the guidance of Sri Kaleshwar, Monika and Nityaananda gave three more Maheshwari initiations in the United States: two at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, California, and one in Cincinnati, Ohio. “How your Swami pulled and manifested Her (for Maheshwari Group members in India in March 2008), again the same thing is going to happen in America, in Laytonville. There your forest is very beautiful,” Sri Kaleshwar said.

During the June 2008 initiation at the Divine Lineage Center, there were dramatic symptoms in the Nature that reflected the power of the transmission. Later, when Monika and Nityaananda were sharing these symptoms on a phone call to Sri Kaleshwar in India, he said, “You initiated the wild Mother; Her Nature is calming down.” He said that many people would have darshan of the Mother now because of the alchemy that happened making the Divine Mother's darshan more accessible. More than 150 of who received these initiations then received darshan of the Divine Mother in Penukonda in July of 2008.