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  Sample Teaching: Christ Consciousness

A great soul came on Earth to remove the darkness in each person. Jesus Christ was born only for the purpose of helping. The fundamental thing is, once you believe in him, no matter how many mistakes you’ve done, how much you’ve been a little crazy, how much you’re a bumpy character, he’s the right soul, he’ll fix us. He’ll take care of us. What does he need? An open heart, complete surrender and total faith. These simple things are what he needs. Jesus is the number one forgiving master. If you surrender to his love and grace, he forgives. If you say an apology, he can wash it all right away. Forgiving means he is taking all the karmas.

Jesus is a master of healing and can give healing immediately. That is his greatness. Jesus has a direct channel to connect to every soul, anywhere. He can give answers from the cosmic and protect his students very easily. He learned this in India through his great hard work and the help of many saints.

After 2000, Jesus’ energy started working strongly on this planet with a lot of other masters helping. Suppose I am devoted to Shirdi Baba and I’m very faithful and honest to him. But even if I meditate on Baba, Jesus’ energy is coming. It doesn’t matter if it’s Shirdi Baba – whatever the name – it’s God’s name. Jesus is working even though Shirdi Baba is working. In the future, people will worship whoever they want. It doesn’t matter. But they must meditate on God, it doesn’t matter the name.

Jesus is love. You have to know how to receive love and how to give the love. Once you learn that, there are no blocks. Try to be loyal to your work, try to receive love, and try to give love to each other. Dharma is growing when we have a forgiving nature, showing mercy and kindness. You have no idea how much is hidden in the kindness. Forgiving kindness, forgiveness is the final weapon to win your victory. Once you know that, you’re done, you really can create a beautiful heaven around you and on the globe.

Jesus’ Consciousness is working very powerfully now, to give enlightenment to his students. In this book, I'm giving the channels, the techniques, to call Jesus. Whoever does these techniques can see Jesus directly. They can feel the Jesus energy in their heart forever and ever until their last breath. Jesus always walks with them, sleeps with them, eats with them, runs with them. He always follows them. These prayers are the same processes that Jesus did. Jesus is a huge magnet. If we practice these techniques, we can turn our soul into a beautiful magnet to reach Jesus' heart and recognize the depth of his love.

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