Ancient Knowledge, Divine Mission: Whole Forward (Audio)

Excerpted from the Introduction to Ancient Knowledge / Divine Mission

by Monika Penukonda

The Divine Mother said one body of knowledge would be especially important to enlighten humankind at the end our current dark age, the Kali Yuga. She foretold it would be the knowledge humankind needed to bring a new era of truth and enlightenment. The Divine Mother instructed these ancient rishis to carefully protect and preserve this knowledge for humanity’s time of need.

This knowledge was passed on orally then later written down in palm leaf manuscripts. Over the eons that followed, these manuscripts were hidden and protected, and when the passage of time made it necessary, were copied onto new palm leaves. Copying them protected and preserved them. As the progression of ages unfolded, and humanity’s fall from divine qualities progressed, the knowledge was held by a few. Now through the Divine Mother’s grace, this knowledge was revealed to the world for the first time by Sri Kaleshwar.

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Ancient Knowledge / Divine Mission

The life of Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) was dedicated to bringing the ancient knowledge of the palm leaves to the world for the transformation of humanity. This compilation contains his statements on the Ancient Knowledge, Divine Mission over 15 years of teaching to Westerners.

This compilation of Sri Kaleshwar’s teachings is for all of his students: those who studied with him during his lifetime, and those who will come to join this divine mission. The teachings are organized topically and consolidated, containing different aspects he presented on a given subject. He describes how to properly learn and teach the knowledge, and defines how to live in the world as a healer, teacher, and ultimately, master. Herein, Sri Kaleshwar shares the secrets of the ancient knowledge of the palm leaves, which every person is eligible to study, practice, and implement in their lives. Topics ranging from who the rishis are, to practicing the supernatural energy channels, to connecting with the Divine Mother beautifully describe the meaning of this work, and how now is the time to realize our true nature and capacities as divine souls to help the planet heal, and transition to a new age of consciousness--the Sai Yuga.

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