Developing Divine Qualities

In the ancient days there was no religion, just pure love principles. Divine Consciousness. That you have to learn and practice. - Sri Kaleshwar

Shirdi Baba was a man of pure love. Developing your relationship with Baba means letting go of selfishness, ego, jealousy, and other negative tendencies.

Study and reflect on the the teachings below. As you go through your day, when faced with challenges of any kind, put these qualities into practice. Practicing these divine qualities really does bring us into pure love. Our goal is to live in that love the same as Baba.

Every day is an opportunity to cultivate your divine qualities.


  • God will show His love. He is kind to all. - Shirdi Baba
  • I am formless and everywhere. I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space. All that you see taken together is Myself... My eye is ever on those who love me. - Shirdi Baba
  • All that is seen is my form: ant, fly, prince, and pauper. - Shirdi Baba
  • See the divine in the human being. - Shirdi Baba
  • Whoever makes me the sole object of their love, merges in me like a river in the ocean. - Shirdi Baba
  • Open your heart and do it. Forget about Swami Kaleshwar. Forget about everything; open your heart to God or Jesus or Baba, whoever it is. He is there. His energy is there. He’s a big judge. He’s one hundred percent genuine. Once your heart is aching for him, through any direction, through any form, through any way his love will be there. He will come and he will take care. This is one hundred percent true information. - Sri Kaleshwar


  • I get angry with none. Will a mother get angry with her children? Will the ocean send back the waters to the several rivers? - Shirdi Baba
  • Do not bark at people and don’t be aggressive, but put up with others’ complaints. - Shirdi Baba
  • If anyone gets angry with another, they wound me to the quick. - Shirdi Baba
  • If you cannot endure abuse from another, just say a simple word or two, or else leave. - Shirdi Baba
  • If anyone offends you do not return tit for tat. - Shirdi Baba
  • If you avoid rivalry and dispute, God will protect you. - Shirdi Baba
  • Do not fight with anyone, nor retaliate, nor slander anyone. - Shirdi Baba
  • Harsh words cannot pierce your body. If anybody speaks ill of you, just continue on unperturbed. - Shirdi Baba
  • Be ashamed of your hatred. Give up hatred and be quiet. - Shirdi Baba


Develop inner silence. Regularly practicing meditation and cultivating these divine qualities helps you develop inner stillness. We can stop the constant movement of thoughts, especially negative self-talk. Little-by-little, through repeated effort and patience, the thoughts become still and we discover the vast reality behind our thoughts. With a quite mind your inner clarity and willpower will increase, and divine energy will flow through you. Those around you will feel your peaceful vibrations and experience a peace within themselves just by being around you, even without their notice.

  • Get on with your worldly activities cheerfully, but do not forget God. - Shirdi Baba
  • Try to do as much as you can to take care of the human hearts and the charity whatever the angles you can do. To win the true love, how much you're loving your self, if you are loving somebody around you the same equal amount, the sharing of that love, that is the pure satya. That is your dharma. Then automatically your inner peace will develop. Once your inner peace will develop, automatically you will start to create a peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of soul. Completely peace, quietness, stitha pregnatha will start to grow in you. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • Always think of God and you will see what He does. - Shirdi Baba
  • When you see with your inner eye. Then you realize that you are God and not different from Him. - Shirdi Baba
  • Gain and loss, birth and death are in the hands of God. - Shirdi Baba
  • Let us be humble. - Shirdi Baba
  • If we see all actions as God’s doing, we will be unattached and free from karmic bondage. - Shirdi Baba


  • If you are wealthy, be humble. Plants bend when they bear fruit. - Shirdi Baba
  • Everybody needs to create peace on the globe. Everyone needs to take care of someone’s pain. Do whatever you can to help those around you who are really suffering and in pain. Don’t neglect them. Don’t neglect them. We need to take care of each other. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • Spend money in charity; be generous and munificent but not extravagant. - Shirdi Baba
  • Do not be obsessed by the importance of wealth. - Shirdi Baba
  • Give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and clothes to the naked. Then God will be pleased. - Shirdi Baba
  • Poverty is the highest of riches and a thousand times superior to a king’s wealth. - Shirdi Baba
  • What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. - Shirdi Baba
  • The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later: the gift of a rich harvest. - Shirdi Baba
  • Wealth is really a means to work out dharma. If one uses it merely for personal enjoyment, it is vainly spent. - Shirdi Baba

Respond, Don’t React

When something is happening that disturbs you in some way, pause. Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind, to be able to give a response, not a reaction that may coming from a place of fear, unworthiness, ego, or any negative tendency.

  • Whatever creature comes to you, human or otherwise, treat it with consideration. - Shirdi Baba
  • You have to be in control even if someone is screaming at you. In your inner sense, you have to say, ‘Come on, that’s okay, calm down, cool down. He’s my brother, she’s my sister, he is my son, he doesn’t know. God bless him. Even though someone is yelling at you, even though they are saying, ‘This is my advice − take it.’ You have to simply listen and say, ‘That’s so sweet of you. Go ahead.’ Listen and say, ‘Thank you.’ Then follow whatever your heart says. From your mouth, never ever commanding. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • What do we lose by another’s good fortune? Let us celebrate with them, or strive to emulate them. That should be our desire and determination. - Shirdi Baba

Be Vegetarian

What you eat has an effect on your mind and energy. A vegetarian diet has a very calming effect on the mind. Sattvic (pure, plant based) food brings very peaceful vibrations to the mind, making it quiet and calm. Try to eat a more vegetarian diet. Never eat beef or pork. The vibrations of beef and pork do not support the divine consciousness you are cultivating.

Be Positive

  • I will not allow my devotees to come to harm. - Shirdi Baba
  • Start the day with positive. End the day with positive thinking. Sleep the day with positive thinking. Be in positive and positive and positive... - Sri Kaleshwar
  • God is not so far away. He is not in the heavens above, nor in hell below. He is always near you. - Shirdi Baba
  • If you have that target interest, if you have the spark interest, yes, you can change the desert to green. So, willpower is necessary. Willpower? Is necessary. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. “Yes, I can do it, I can do it. I’ll try, I can do it.” First failure, fine. Second time failure, fine. Third time, okay, fine. Keep do it. That inspiration, if you have it, you are a success. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • I stay by the side of whoever repeats my name. - Shirdi Baba

Maintain Your Vibrations

All of your spiritual practices help you maintain your vibrations. This includes the time you spend in meditation, prayer, service of others, spiritual study and reflection, devotional singing, and joining sacred fire ceremonies. Learn more about maintaining your vibrations in the lecture "Maintaining Your Vibrations" in our free Pujas for Peace course.

  • If we see all actions as God’s doing, we will be unattached and free from karmic bondage. - Shirdi Baba
  • Other people’s acts will affect just them. It is only your own deeds that will affect you. - Shirdi Baba
  • Meditate on me either with form or without form, that is pure bliss. - Shirdi Baba
  • All of our life depends on how we are managing our energy. We have to be very aware of our energy and how it can protect or hurt us. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • Do not be obsessed by egotism, imagining that you are the cause of action: everything is due to God. - Shirdi Baba
  • Choose friends who will stick to you till the end, through thick and thin. - Shirdi Baba
  • Do not be idle: work, utter God’s name and read the scriptures. - Shirdi Baba
  • Meditate on what you read and think of God. - Shirdi Baba
  • You should not stay for even one second at a place where people are speaking disrespectfully of a saint. - Shirdi Baba
  • Satsang that is associating with the good is good. Dussaya, or associating with evil-minded people, is evil and must be avoided.- Shirdi Baba


Gratitude opens an energy channel to God. When we are grateful for what we have, we receive so much more. Each morning start your day being grateful for everything in your life. Whatever God has given to you is a blessing. Hidden in even the most challenging situations and experiences is something Divine. Gratitude brings great and lasting happiness into your life.

  • Whenever you’re in the happy moments, you need to thank the Divine. Whenever you’re in the tragedy moments, you also need to thank God. One day, you have a beautiful meal. The next day, you find only a rotten apple. Heartfully, thank God every time. When we embody surrender, devotion, and gratitude, the Divine will stop testing and smile on you. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • What God gives is never exhausted, what man gives never lasts. - Shirdi Baba
  • There is only being thankful -- that is a pure heart. You have to live your entire life, each breath with a pure heart. That is the heaven. To create such type of feelings in your life is difficult, but when you start to create that every day your life is so happy, with such real enjoyment. It’s like a heaven. - Sri Kaleshwar

Acceptance & Trust

  • Be contented and cheerful with what comes. - Shirdi Baba
  • Trust in the Guru fully. That is the only sadhana. - Shirdi Baba
  • Accept whatever is happening in your life with an open heart. Everyday is yours. There is no good day, there is no bad day. Every day is a good day. Whenever you feel that, we can do something on the globe. - Sri Kaleshwar
  • Stay by me and keep quiet. I will do the rest. - Shirdi Baba
  • The four sadhanas and the six Sastras are not necessary. Just has complete trust in your guru: it is enough. - Shirdi Baba
  • All gods are one. There is no difference between a Hindu and a Muslim. Mosque and temple are the same. - Shirdi Baba
  • My devotees see everything as their Guru. - Shirdi Baba