Starting Your 'Precious Moments with the Master' Process

Important Note: 'Beginning a Divine Energy (Shakti) Process' is meant to be done only on the day you start the process.

Begin on the first day of your process. During the dusk (mahalakshmi) time of the day, in either the morning or the evening (no sun and the stars are not blooming / visible in the sky), begin by praying for greatest success, and that all obstacles be removed.

You may use prayers / mantras during this opening process, or focus on the course's simple open hearted intention (sankalpam) by itself ['Course Intention (Sankalpam) - downloadable'].

The order of the prayers (mantras) used here is important; this sequence and technique was one of the final teachings Sri Kaleshwar gave in the last weeks before his earthly passing (mahasamadhi).

(1) Pray first to Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles.

"Lord Ganesh was manifested by Mother Divine out of sandalwood powder. She created a baby then she sent her womb chakra energy—this is a very important point—she gave the life to the sandalwood powder. That powder turned as a baby. That is Ganesh. Not recognizing that boy as Mother's Divine’s son, Shiva cut off his head. They refixed his head with an elephant’s head. They started giving both the Mother’s and the Father’s energies. The whole creation— Brahma, Vishnu, and all the saints' creation energies came like into one form like a womb chakra. They sent that energy to refix Ganesh's head. That khandana yoga got super success. Then he came as a trunk master, Lord Ganesh. So what type of mechanism they used, that’s the most powerful content subject.” - Sri Kaleshwar

(2) Pray next to Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Kaleshwar's master and the Master of the Sri Guru Dattatreya lineage (parampara).

“The five elements divided. What He (Shiva) is giving, the prana jnanam, soham, breath in, breath out, is linked with the air element. The nagas are producing the air element there. Baba’s Aki landa koti Brahma dhanaiya ka, raja di raja yogi raja Parabrahma, sri satchitananda samata sadguru, we call Shirdi Sai Natha Maharaji Ki. In the sense here, Shirdi is nothing but Lord Shiva. Shirdi Baba – Aki landa koti, Brahma dhanaiya ka, raja di raja, yogi raja. Yogi – the yogas. Shiva is all the abilities, the siddhis, and is able to get control of all the divine souls, each pin to pin. The whole universe is Shiva lila. The sky element is unlimited. The unlimited – we need to have a little careful consideration here. We are under the sky. This type of earth, the bhuuloka, this planet, is quite amazing.” - Sri Kaleshwar

(3) Third, pray to Sri Kaleshwar, the divine soul who has directly blessed us all with this information and process.

“Once the master is with you, he’s your father, mother, brother, friend, husband, wife, kid, everything – your well-wisher. You’re only seeing him as a crazy master, but I’m seeing you in all corners. I’m taking care and protecting you. Even though you have a lot of confusion and monkey mind, I’m still ignoring and forgiving the things to push your journey in the moments to receive the opportunities. Last night two groups got that opportunity. Even in that fraction of 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 3 minutes, it’s enough to be able to receive and have the bliss. You don’t understand today, but day by day, day by day once that energy starts to grow, then you’ll start to feel it. You’ll start to feel what a beauty it is, what a bliss it is, how much you really changed your soul.” - Sri Kaleshwar

(4) Finally pray to Lord Hanuman for the final and ultimate victory.

Monika: Swami, you said consciousness was beyond the Mother and beyond the Father. Can you please explain what is the meaning of that?

Swami: Hanuman.

Monika: Hanuman? He’s beyond the Mother and beyond the Father
Swami: Absolutely.

Monika: Hanuman also won the Mother and you said through holding his tail you can command on Mahakali?

Swami: Yep.

(teaching excerpt from Immortal Enlightenment transcript by Sri Kaleshwar)

Complete this processby quietly meditating for 5 – 10 minutes with the 'Course Intention (Sankalpam) - downloadable'. If possible do this process in the pure nature or the most quiet environment you can find.