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  Lesson 1: Who is the Divine Mother?

Who is the Divine Mother?

We all came from the Divine Mother. All the souls were first created in the Divine Mother’s womb. Every creation, every soul, is linked with the Mother’s womb. Mother Divine is the Mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. The Mother is the universal God/Goddess. That Mother created your mother, that mother created you.

Mother Divine is the supreme creator – all creation comes from Her and goes back to Her. She is sitting at the Nada Bindu, the center point of Creation in the Sri Chakra. Sri Chakra is Mother’s womb. She is taking from the formless and putting into form, and She is taking from the form and putting it back into the formless through the Nada Bindu.

Excerpt from Devi Purana: Brahma asked Vishnu, who was meditating deeply:

“Lord of the Universe, a cause of all causes, who do you worship? At your word, the sun ranges the sky, fire burns, and the wind blows. I, who am the Lord of Creation, was born in the lotus sprung from your navel. You are the greatest of all the great, yet here I find you at worship. Who is worthy of your devotion, Narayana?”

Vishnu said with a smile on his perfect face: “Brahma, indeed you create, I preserve, and Rudra (a form of Shiva) destroys the universes. Yet, without Shakti, the three of us would be inert, powerless. Maha Shakti, the Goddess, is the highest power of all, and She animates the rest of us. It is Her I worship Brahma, and it is upon Her that I meditate.”

One part, God is formless. But we’re talking here about a female nature. When you’re sitting in front of the ocean, sometimes it’s completely pin drop silence, the waves are very calm. Sometimes it’s really wild, what’s happening there? What is that energy making it like that? It’s formless, but it can create any form.

She’s an unbelievable vast ocean. You can’t drink all of Her drops of water. You can digest, but not completely. Some is still left. That is Her. The whole universe is Her creation. There’s no end to Her creation. She’s infinite. But you’re also a part of that infinity.

The female energy is necessary in the nature. In the Vedic tradition, they say the Nature is the Mother and God is the Father. Some say without God there is no nature. And others say without nature there is no God. I agree that without nature there is no God. After understanding God and taking the fundamentals of God, we can take off using the nature. In the nature, we can create incredible supernatural things. God never teaches anything to any person. The nature, She teaches everything totally clearly, A to Z. God, He’s just the protector. Mother is the teacher.

She is the nature, She is the teacher. We can learn everything from the nature; everything is there. Just observe Her creation, Her nature. Until you know Her, it is not that simple to understand this creation. It’s not that easy. Everything came from Her – the bad and the good. She created the tiger. She created the lamb.

The Mother is the top, top supernatural character on this planet. A bee is creating honey. Before creating honey, it is sucking it from the flower. The flower, the Mother gave it. In the flower, the essence, only the bee knows how to take it out. Only the cow knows that when she wants to feed her baby, automatically the milk comes out. If she doesn’t want to feed, it won’t come. It is the great supernatural, natural, supernatural secret.

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