​Everything Is a Big Zero Except Love

Everything Is a Big Zero Except Love

This is a short excerpt from a talk that Sri Kaleshwar gave in 1997 at the Shakti Patanjali course in Mill Valley, California. Copyright @ Divine Lineage

When you [wake] the Brahma kundalini nadi, when you wake up, what is the reason? You know that, you know that? Can you tell briefly about Brahma kundalini nadi after wake up, what is result?

Student: After you wake up what you deserve? Or the… result?

Swami: When you’re gone. What is that? How you? What is the result (that) comes, in your life? (What) you think? What result (are) you are expecting?

Student: What is the result you expect to get when you wake up the Brahma kundalini nadi, the goal here?...Happy?

Student: Oneness?

You are already a happy person.

Student: So all need to do that for?

Student: This is just fun.

Swami: [All] the universe is in you (pointing to top of head). All planets (are) in you. All nature, ocean. Everything is in you. You are everywhere. Aham Brahamasmi. We can see through the planets, sun, moon, stars, sky, water, earth, fire, soul’s energy, everything is in you. (Tapping top of head) In this box, in this small box, everything is here. Through the energy we are wake-uping, opening the door and seeing what is there. Come out.

And it is coming. And it is giving, rays.

Student: It is giving grace.

Swami: And rays

Students: Rays…rays

Swami: Rays.

Student: Rays like the sun.

Student: Rays of light.

Sri Kaleshwar: Light rays. (moving hands out like waves). When it gives the rays, you can give the grace to anybody.

Student: So what do you call it? Is there a name for that?

Swami:Aham Brahmasmi.

Student: Hmm?

Sri Kaleshwar: Aham Brahmasmi.

Students: I am a Brahma.

Sri Kaleshwar: You are a Brahma. There is no word for that. You are a Brahma. You are everywhere. You are a God. There is no difference between you and God. You know how to learn the powers. You know everything. You are the man of knowledge. But, there is a lot of options. You know options?

Students: Is it realizing moksha, when?

Sri Kaleshwar: Yes. It is moksha. Finding yourself equal to moksha. When you are feel [the] highest, highest, highest, highest, highest, rising. Have an easy day; hell is there. There is a light; there is a dark. Everything is 50/50. Everything is illusion. Can feel, “Oh, my God. God is making to everybody with big games.” Finally there is a result. A big zero. The universe is a big zero.

Students: Zero.

Swami: Zero. Big zero. Nothing. His game is totally nothing. That is my experience. [It’s] true. But there is one thing: Love. Deep affection. Whatever you do - good thing and bad thing - that comes with us.

Heaven is here if you feel [towards] everybody, [the] highest affinity, affection. That is, sense means, you are in the heaven. You are enjoying the heaven. How it comes? When you feel highest energy, you can give the love to anybody. If you found someone, one by one to love affection, it is like strong, strong connection.

Student: Is like what?

Students: Strong, strong connection…strong, strong connection.

Student: Swamiji has said that there is nothing here you can take with you, when you leave this planet. That just the, when you do good things, and that love comes to your soul when you make people happy. That comes to your soul…

Swami: Soul to soul love affections comes.

Student: And that you can take with you. It is the only thing you can take with you.

Sri Kaleshwar: (smiling, about to speak)

Student: That is why he says this universe is a big zero. It’s just, cuz you can’t take anything with you.

Sri Kaleshwar
: Only love. Love means, whatever you’d done, good things. Am I right? (smiling, students saying yes in background) Am I right? (smiling)