The Kala Chakra

Understanding Your 'Soul Clock'

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For the first time on the planet,

I'm talking about what Buddha taught.

It was the Buddha that first found the Kala Chakra.

Once the Kala Chakra yantra is with you,

time cannot bite you that easily.

You can trust anything on the planet except time.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar taught that every person is a divine creator and capable of miraculous things, the same as the rishis and saints. How to realize and implement this reality?

For this, Sri Kaleshwar taught the Kala Chakra Process, first discovered by the Buddha.

The Kala Chakra is the wheel of time or 'soul clock.' It holds all of our karmas and ultimately decides when and how we experience them in a lifetime.

When we understand the Kala Chakra and know how to implement it, we become what Sri Kaleshwar called a person of power. It becomes possible to understand the inner meaning in what is happening in your life and to bring anything in front of you that you need.

This is an important time cycle for the release and activation of the Kala Chakra teaching.

Sri Kaleshwar said that 12 years from his Kala Chakra Initiation in Joshua Tree, December, 2006 will be a significant time for those who receive this knowledge. Everyone engaging in these teachings now will unlock another layer of the transmission that was given.

Reviewing the teachings given then will be a spark to your consciousness. This is a window in which the full power of these channels can be experienced.

This course includes 9 hours of video recordings and audio documenting Sri Kaleshwar's historic transmission and release of the Kala Chakra Process on December 8-10, 2006 in Joshua Tree, California. Many of these audio and video resources are now available for the first time.

You have to know the beauty of the Kala Chakra

and how useful it is in your lives.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Some Benefits of the Kala Chakra Process

To fix the problems of heartbreak
Switching your pain and turning it in a positive way
To experience enlightenment
Go to the womb of the real Divine Mother
Come back happy the next lifetime
Fix blocks and Maya
Control of your own mind

Your Kala Chakra Process

A Twelve-Week Course

March 9 - May 25, 2019

The process accompanying these teachings can be started

during this course, or begun at any time.

Your soul needs to be powerful like a magnet

to make your soul able to receive certain abilities,

to connect certain things.

This is what you need to learn intensely in this program.

- Sri Kaleshwar

What You Will Do

Learn and study the Kala Chakra Process as it was taught by Sri Kaleshwar in 2006 in Joshua Tree, California.
Join question & answer sessions with Patrick "Mahavir" Huffman and Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD) to support your Kala Chakra Process.
Create your own Kala Chakra yantra power object.
Participate in a Maha Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) on Buddha Purnima (Full Moon of the Buddha, May 18th) to receive a special shakti-energy transmission and complete your Kala Chakra Process.

What You Will Receive

Access to all audio and video recordings documenting Sri Kaleshwar's historic transmission and release of the Kala Chakra Process in 2006 at Joshua Tree, California.
3 downloadable video teaching resources.
7 downloadable audio files of Sri Kaleshwar pronouncing the Kala Chakra mantras.
12 teaching satsangs with Patrick "Mahavir" Huffman and Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD) on the Kala Chakra Process, recorded and available for download afterwards.
2 bonus energy transmissions: Participate in a Protection & Success (Sudarshana) Sacred Fire Ceremony and a Prosperity & Abundance (Maha Lakshmi) Sacred Fire Ceremony.
Additional teachings from Sri Kaleshwar on the Ancient Mission.
Sacred altar photographs for download and personal use.

This program (Samadhi and Soul Travel) has surpassed all expectations. I find myself reviewing the satsangs in ten-minute increments trying to absorb all the information.

— P.L., CA, USA

I am so grateful to have been able to be part of this program! Thank you for making it possible, thank you for sharing this knowledge. Words are not adequate, it has blown me away. So, from my heart, thank you!!!

— C.N., Austin, TX, USA

Your Instructor(s)

Patrick 'Mahavir' Huffman & Nityaananda

Patrick 'Mahavir' Huffman began his studies with Sri Kaleshwar in 2000 and worked closely with Swami in Penukonda, India until Kaleshwar's mahasamadhi in 2012. "My background is in science, mainly biology. Swami introduced me to a different science, but it IS science. This knowledge is provable. ‘With proofs and evidence” Swami always said. Swami proved it to me many times, and I have proven it to myself. Test it. Try it for yourself. This is the ancient science of nature.” He is a Kaleshwar certified teacher, healer, and Vaastu consultant.

Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD) was Sri Kaleshwar's personal physician and often assisted his yogic processes, includ­ing yoga samadhi and large group shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sions. Sri Kaleshwar gave Nityaananda a special channel with the yantras from the Parameshwari Yoga palm leaf manuscripts and instructed him on the knowledge and codes of the yantras. He travelled the world with Sri Kaleshwar and led processes where stu­dents received Mother Divine’s dar­shan.

Both Mahavir and Nityaananda live at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, in Laytonville CA, USA, where they support all aspects of the Center's dharma.

Class Curriculum

  Section 6: After Completing Your 'Kala Chakra Process'
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  Section 9: Sacred Images
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  Section 10: Mantra Resources
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