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21 Day Audio Meditation to Experience the Divine Mother and Your Sacred Feminine Power

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Who Is the Divine Mother? What Is The Divine Feminine Energy?

The Divine Mother is the creative power of God who gives birth to all of creation. She is the supreme energy, the shakti, that gives life and form to all things. She is called the Cosmic Mother, the Devi and the Goddess. The Goddess creates each individual soul out of Herself. She is our essence and our life force. Her nature is bliss. She is the essence of beauty and grace. She is unconditional love. She is the shakti — the energy and power of your being. She is the Divine Feminine.

Your spiritual journey begins when the Goddess awakens in you. It is only with Her grace, the blessing of Her shakti, that you gradually realize that you are the same as Her.

When your soul is ready to recognize its divine identity, the Divine Mother enters your life and blesses you with Her shakti, leading to the complete transformation of your soul. She teaches you how to access Her energy, called shaktis. Shaktis are powers, the powers the Mother creates the world with. These miraculous energies are hidden in every soul. As you embody more and more of Her energy, the shaktis manifest spontaneously and you become a vehicle for the Goddess' energy, a healing instrument in the world

The Divine Mother opens the door for you to discover yourself, where your soul came from, where you are going, and what you are here to do.

The meditations in this course will connect you with the Goddess and Her unconditional love for you. Your conscious relationship with Her will unfold. She becomes very present in your life as does your ever-deepening connection with Her. As you interact with Her energy, your soul capacity grows. Willpower, intuition, inner strength, wisdom and self-confidence develop in you. She raises your consciousness step by step to reach Her level. She teaches you through the energy, showing you how to embody Her shakti.

The Divine Mother is shakti — shakti is power. That power is in you waiting to be awakened. With a simple 21-day guided mantra meditation practice of only 10 minutes a day, receiving the Mother's shakti will raise your soul vibration and establish your energy channel to the Goddess.

Discover the Hidden Mysteries of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine Energy Including:

  • Who is the Divine Mother and the divine feminine
  • How the Goddess is your inner essence
  • Infinite grace, compassion, wisdom, love, and divine power live deep within your heart
  • How the Divine Mother manifests through sound, and experience using Her transforming sacred sounds in a guided meditation
  • Mother Mary’s role in the return of the divine feminine
  • The spiritual energy law explaining why respecting women and their happiness is essential for a relationship with the Goddess
  • Nature is a teacher and how seeing and feeling God as Mother in Nature deepens your relationship with the Divine Mother
  • Communicating with the Goddess as your cherished mother, grandmother, and wisest friend fills your heart with peace and blissful energy
  • Explore the purpose of negative emotions and how to be alert in order to transform them
  • The meaning of darshan and why it is a soul turning-point experience
  • How to recognize symptoms the Goddess' presence is close
  • How winning the Goddess' heart fills you with overflowing happiness and love to help relieve the suffering of others.

Women Have a Special Ability to Channel the Divine Mother’s Power With Their Womb Chakra

The fastest way for a woman to experience her true power and beauty - whether she’s two or ninety-two – is through her relationship with Mother Divine. For a man, honoring his connection with the divine feminine through the women in his life, and having a relationship with Mother Divine, is the quickest way for him to progress spiritually.

A woman is the embodiment of shakti. She embodies the feminine aspect of God, as she is God’s creative potential. This is the power of her Womb Chakra. Every woman has that power, waiting to be recognized. That power is the Divine Mother, the Goddess.

Men and women have a Womb Chakra in their soul, but women also have a physical womb. This is a special gift of divine power. The Womb Chakra is the supernatural creative power of the Divine Mother hidden in every soul. All women and girls automatically embody the Goddess' energy and have the ability to channel miraculous energy because they have a physical womb chakra. Your creative energy is extraordinary after your Womb Chakra is purified, and you understand the energy connection between you and the Goddess.

Experiencing the Goddess' presence and unconditional love is the greatest blessing in our lives. There are many forms of the Divine Mother throughout the world that include Durga, Lakshmi, Tara, Quan Yin, Mahakali, Saraswati and Mother Mary to name a few. Within every form of the Mother is a depth of unconditional love, beauty and compassion, and She can be experienced very easily.

Surrender yourself to me with one-pointed devotion and
I will help you discover your true being.
Abide in me as I abide in you.
Know that even now at this very moment
there is absolutely no difference between us.
Realize and be fulfilled this instant.
-- Divine Mother, Devi Gita

Perfect for Everyone to Embody the Divine Feminine

Start this self-paced meditation any time.

Are you longing to be in touch with the deepest wisdom inside of you? Is your intuition telling you something more is needed in your life? Perhaps you are facing great change and challenges, and are seeking ways to reconnect, heal, and experience your joy.

You may be yearning to explore what the saints and mystics knew and practiced about the feminine aspect of God. Or you may feel led to nurture feminine ways of being in all life, and stand at the forefront of birthing a transformational awakening into a new age of peace, harmony, compassion, kindness and love.

In any way your heart is calling you, this course will inspire you and help awaken the power deep within you by developing your relationship with the Goddess.

Commit to listening to a 10 minute contemplation followed by a 10 minute guided meditation any time of day for 21 days and experience Her energy in new and deeper ways. The 21 daily contemplations reveal mysteries about Goddess and Her many aspects to help you embody and nurture Her divine energy within you.

Monika and Nityaananda guide you in how to use an ancient mantra that opens your energy channels to the Divine Mother. The vibrations of the mantra's bijaksharas (seed power sounds) connect the energy of your chakras to the brilliant cosmic energy of the Divine Mother’s chakras.

Designed for women and men, for those just beginning a meditation practice, and experienced meditators alike, you will receive a profound energy transmission simply by listening to each day’s contemplation.

The audio tracks, set to tranquil music, increase in length midway through the 21-day experience, giving you the opportunity to go deeper in relaxation and meditation, if you choose. All 21 of the daily meditations are downloadable, to easily experience wherever it is most comfortable for you.

Here is What You Will Receive:

  • 21 downloadable guided audio meditations & daily contemplations (MP3) + bonus downloadable transcript of each contemplation (PDF).
  • Previously hidden knowledge about the Divine Mother from ancient palm leaf manuscripts, that have for centuries have only been available to a few, now explained in an easy-to-understand way and use in modern life. Woven into these teachings is a synthesis of over four decades of research on the Goddess from many world traditions, modern science, and eighteen years of direct training in India with the siddha master, Sri Kaleshwar, who had a special relationship and profound understanding of the Divine Mother and the energy systems of Her creation.
  • FREE BONUS! Abundance & Success (Maha Lakshmi) Sacred Fire Ceremony shakti-energy transmission to deepen your experience and connection to Mother Divine ($54 value). Participate from home on a date you choose via free live streaming.
  • Unlimited access to your course materials. Download the audio files to your computer, listen from the course, or do a combination, as you like.

Start Today and Fill Your Heart with Blissful Energy

Each form of the Goddess expresses different aspects of Her glorious nature, and as we come close to Her these brilliant characteristics are awakened in us.

Listen to the meditations any time of day in this self-paced program. Practice this meditation for 21-days and experience the energy yourself. With unlimited access, you can return to the course material again and again to keep exploring your practice, go deeper in the energy, and in your relationship with the Divine Mother

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The Daily Contemplations are all beautiful gems of inspiration. I really love listening and then being pulled into the giant space that is created for meditation and connection to Mother’s energy. The music is divine too, and I’m overjoyed at the pairing of contemplation and meditation with music in this program. Thank you all, and Jai Ma."
-Suzzana S., Colorado

Wow!!! I don´t expect such an extensive course! My heart is so wide open. I feel so much love. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge in this way. I am deeply touched.

- A.E., Gummersbah, Germany

Thank you so much for that great gift you gave to us through giving that program! Thank you!!! The need of all of us to see the Mother, the aching for that connection to the Mother takes us forward and here you are, offering the remedies!!

- A.H., Oberösterreich, Austria

Your Instructor(s)

Monika Taylor Penukonda & Nityaananda
Monika Taylor Penukonda & Nityaananda

Monika Tay­lor (of Penukonda) and Clint Thomp­son, MD (Nityaananda), were trained directly in India by Sri Kalesh­war, a sid­dha mas­ter, for 15 years until his mahasamadhi in 2012. Trav­el­ling fre­quently with Sri Kalesh­war, they led processes where many stu­dents received Mother Divine’s dar­shan. They have taught exten­sively in Amer­ica and at the Soul Uni­ver­sity in Penukonda, India. They now reside at the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, Cal­i­for­nia and cur­rently give teach­ings, heal­ings and shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sion around the world.

Class Curriculum

  Section 3: Joining a Sacred Fire Ceremony for Abundance & Prosperity
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  Section 5: Opening & Closing Prayers /Mantras (Text + Audio)
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  Section 6: Divine Altar Photos (Downloadable)
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  Section 7: Additional Background Teachings from the Ancient Knowledge
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  Section 8: Closing Message
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