Day 1 -Develop Your Relationship with Jesus

By Sri Kaleshwar

Sit in the silence and communicate with Jesus. Invite him to stay in your body, heart and soul forever and ever. Take Jesus as a soul mate, communicate and share with him. He will show the way to God’s love.

One day this chair must go; one day this planet must go; one day this body must go. But there is one thing that cannot be destroyed. One love is forever and ever there. When our soul touches this point, it's like a bee going to the flower to taste the honey. When we taste that, that is real. That’s called the God energy. When we feel that love with God, real love, the inner side of God’s love, then we have total commanding on all His creations.

How we reach that stage? That’s a big subject. It’s a simple subject but seems big. First we must put our body in the deep silence stage. Then second stage, we must suck the deep silence in our soul. The third stage, our soul must become the deep silence. Then from the deep silence my soul is praying, ‘Oh Jesus my soul door is open for you, please come sit in my heart.’ Invite him in your body, invite him in your soul. Forever he must stay with you. Forever you must ask for that help.