Welcome to Healing the Heart!

In this course, you will dive into the interconnectedness of energy, vibration, and frequency and their impact on your well-being. You will explore how spiritual and consciousness practices like Sangīta Prakshālana (washing through beauty) can help open your heart, balance and harmonize your energy centers, ultimately leading to inner peace and healing.

Each lesson includes a self-care practice that brings you a deeper understanding of the principles of how emotions and thoughts as energy forms have different vibrational frequencies and when we learn how to cultivate positive emotions and thoughts, we can raise our overall vibrational frequency, leading to healing. Achieve greater balance, harmony, and well-being in your life as you learn how to use these tools to focus on what is beautiful to you, helping to open your heart chakra and bring greater healing.

Go at your own pace and utilize our course blog to connect with others, ask questions and share your reflections. For more ways to Raise Your Vibrations and Awaken the Soul visit us at DivineMotherCenter.org

Join us on this transformative journey towards healing your heart, and unlock the power of healing the heart through the vibrations of beauty.

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