Immortal Enlightenment: Creating a Deep Silence in Your Consciousness

Immortal enlightenment is nothing but creating a deep deep silence in your consciousness. The silence is biggest gift you can can get. Your mind is silence. Your heart is silence. The silence has unbelievable power hidden in it. How to get that silence, through the silence to win the consciousness? The consciousness is nothing but Brahma Consciousness where is here (pointing top of his head) and your skull in the middle.

That’s why Lord Shiva is always meditating in the deep silence. This is nothing but, this all everything is illusion, drama. Birth and Death. Between something, what is it? Your problems, your confusions, your responsibilities, everything is between middle of that period of time. But whenever you’re in deep sleep, you won’t remember anything. Many of beautiful good dreams you received, few good dreams you remember. Some bad dreams also you received, that you always keep in your mind. In order to cross your journey, your life journey, to lead your life journey, a master, a guide - it’s a kind of your boat who can make you to reach your destiny safely. Until certain points, he will make you to learn how to drive and later on you can drive yourself. It’s not a big problem.

But three points you have to do in this program. Winning the silence. Developing the consciousness. And to be in stitha pragnata. Do you know stitha pragnana? If it is good, ok. If it is bad, ok. Today you’re wealthy. “Good.” Tomorrow, you are not wealthy, “Ok.” Today you’re healthy. Tomorrow you’re not healthy. Today you have problem. Tomorrow you don’t have any problem. Everything he is giving and everything he is taking it out. Whenever you’re coming here, you didn’t bring anything with you. Whenever you’re going, you are not taking anything with you - Except what you’ve done good works in the globe. Satya ,Dharma, Shanti, Prema - Truth, right judgment, peace, love. This is the most important to win the peace, Shanti.

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