About the Power of Prayers (Mantras)

Mantras are prayers of divine vibrations; they are words that have power to totally transform us through feeding our souls perfect divine vibrations. In Sanskrit, mantra means manas (mind) and tri (cross over); a mantra helps us to cross over the waves of the mind's illusions to realize our true self.

Every spiritual tradition has its mantras and holy names. The name Jesus is a mantra. Buddha is a mantra. There are many methods of meditation such as mindfulness, watching the breath and self-inquiry. However, in today's material age, the easiest and fastest way to charge the soul with high frequencies is through repeating the mantras revealed in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

Mantras, Bijaksharas, and the Spiritual Science of Vibration

We don't need to do huge things. A small seed of the energy is enough to make it grow. - Sri Kaleshwar

The mantras in the palm leaf manuscripts implement God's creative mechanism through vibration which give birth to, operates, and ultimately dissolves everything in Creation. Through this God mechanism all miracles happen. The key vibrations or sounds of any true mantra are its bijaksharas, the vibrational alphabet of this divine language. Bijaksharas are seed sounds that are most similar to the original sounds of the universe through which all creation is made. In Sanskrit, Bija literally means seed, and akshara means letter. These sacred seed letters, sacred sounds, are the vibrational building blocks of everything in the Creation. Our bodies are made of these seed sounds. Our soul is composed of these seed sounds. The Divine Mother not only manifests through Her sacred sound, but is Herself comprised of all of these sounds. In one ancient palm leaf manuscript, an image of the Divine Mother's body is drawn illustrating how Her body is made up of these different sounds. Her eyes are the sound shi, Her chin the sound ma, Her ears, the sound ya, Her heart the sound tha.

Bijaksharas do not have literal meanings. They are powerful basic syllables of sound that carry specific vibrations to bring something into creation, to create with the cosmic energy, and to protect from negative influences that are disturbing our lives. When we repeat these seed syllables in a specific combination or formula in our consciousness, they open a channel of divine energy flowing to our body, chakras and soul. The soul is made of light and vibrations. We need the keys to access and unlock this power inside. The keys are described in the ancient knowledge of the palm leaf manuscripts as an spiritual 'science of vibration' containing formulas or PIN codes of bijaksharas. This spiritual 'science of vibration' was revealed millions of years ago by Mother Divine to the seven ancient sages, the saptarishis, and the enlightened masters, the divine lineage. Through the efforts of Sri Kaleshwar this knowledge is now available to the world.

The Right Mantras Unlock Your Soul Potential

The saints and sages dedicated their lives to being in deep meditation and silence. From their meditations they received these mantras from God, from the Divine Mother Herself, and from the angels for all humanity to access many different divine blessings and divine energies. This information contains the PIN codes to unlock every soul’s potential. These codes, sacred formulas of mantras and yantra (sacred energy structures), are the keys to free ourselves from the needless cycle of negativity, unhappiness, and unnecessary suffering into peace, happiness, harmony, kindness and divine love.

The mantras from the palm leaf manuscripts of India are 2000, 5000, 7000, 10,000+ years old. Previously these manuscripts were hidden from the world. They have been handed down through the lineages of saints in India, protected and kept secret. Until recently, this knowledge has only been given to a few. Now the time has come for these mantras and sacred formulas to be available for everyone to utilize and help the world. As Sri Kaleshwar said, “We don’t need to do huge things. A small seed of the energy is enough to make it grow.” These prayers are the right seeds of energy to grow the unbelievable brilliant light within you and to help create what you need to happy, healthy, and fulfill your life's purpose (dharma).

These bijakshras are the seeds of all the universal bijas. The vibrations are not ordinary. Everything is hidden in this cosmic nature with vibrations and light. Your soul is nothing but light and vibration. The vibrations are a kind of electricity. To develop the vibrations it’s only possible using certain perfect prayers, perfect way of chanting the prayers. It’s like finding the perfect telephone number to God. If you keep on doing these mantras, the layers of vibrations will come up and a certain layer of the Brahma consciousness will automatically increase. So never underestimate your personal mantra, any mantra, yantra, or process. Keep doing it heartfully. - Sri Kaleshwar

Creating through Mantra

There is a prana, an inner energy or life force, hidden in the sounds of each mantra, that develop our soul and bring us what we need.

Just as the Divine Mother creates our world with vibration, so we, too, can consciously create a beautiful, divine life for ourselves and the world through Her sounds. It is the Divine Mother's, God's gift to us that we are receiving this knowledge so we may use the sacred mantras to transform our lives and create a new world filled with harmony, peace, and love.

Mantra Pronunciation

The palm leaf manuscripts were primarily written in ancient scripts of Telugu and Sanskrit, which are two of humanity's oldest languages. Though the characters are written differently, the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet and the Telugu alphabet are exactly the same. These are the closest approximation of the original sounds used to create the universe.

All of the prayers for the pujas, meditations, and energy processes contained in this ancient knowledge have been transliterated phonetically in English during Sri Kaleshwar's life to help quickly and easily pronounce them correctly from the start of your process. As you practice them focus on the sound and vibrations you are creating with the sound, combined with your intention. Over time as you chant the mantra and join with a group chanting the mantras together, you will feel the energy growing and building. You may find that one or more of these mantras really touch your heart. If you like, you may chant them, or use them anytime you wish to keep developing these vibrations within you and your life, and magnetizing the cosmic energy to your soul.

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