(On Your 1st Day) Before Beginning A Shakti (Energy) Process

Note: 'Beginning a Divine Energy (Shakti) Process' is meant to be done

only on the day you start the course

Do this process on the first day of your course. During the dusk (mahalakshmi) time of the day, in either the morning or the evening (no sun and the stars are not blooming / visible in the sky), begin by praying for greatest success, and that all obstacles be removed.

You may use prayers / mantras during this opening process, or focus on the course's simple open hearted intention (sankalpam) by itself.

The order of the prayers (mantras) used here is important; this sequence and technique was one of the final teachings Sri Kaleshwar gave in the last weeks before his earthly passing (mahasamadhi).

(1) First, ask Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles, for blessings for the process

(2) Ask Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Kaleshwar's master and the Master of the Sri Guru Dattatreya lineage (parampara), for his blessings for the process.

(3) Ask Sri Kaleshwar, the divine soul who gave this knowledge, for his blessings.

(4) Finally ask Lord Hanuman for his blessings for victory.

Then quietly meditate for 5 – 10 minutes with the course intention (sankalpam).

If possible do this process in the pure nature or the most quiet environment you can find.