Sky Mantra (Audio)

Prayer (Mantra)

ōṃ lingāSHTakam nīdam pūnyam

yaḥa patē śiva sa nidhau

śiva lōka mavāp noti

śivē na saha mogatē

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Some of the Benefits of the Sky Mantra

from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

Protection From Negative Vibrations

This planet has huge disturbances that are affecting you. How can you avoid this planet’s negative vibrations? Are there any channels for that? The Sky mantra.

Creating Protection Circles

You need to get as much protection circles as you can in your life. You can develop protection circles through the deep inner silence. To develop that deep inner silence in you, there’s only the Sky Mantra.

Growing an Open Heart

See the structure of the Shiva lingam, it's like a globe, isn’t it? It’s like Llingapati. Once you connect to his energy (Shiva, the Divine Father), to his name, to the pronouncing of his mantras, the bijaksharas, to the his pronunciation 99% of the illusions, the negative stuff, can’tnot touch you. That’s the high, high, high inner significance that of that process. At the same time, it also helps unbelievably to grow your open heart bigger and bigger and bigger. ..If you’re strong enough on the Hrudaya Chakra (heart chakra), that’s then its done. You’re a Purna Avatar. You are Oneness with God

Anytime if you’re facing a lot of problems and , some very high, intense vibrations are around you, you can consider it a big challenge. You have to face it. You have to go in the nature and sit, simply ten to fifteen minutes quietly, calmly, just chanting the Sky mantra. Keeping on chanting, and chanting, and chanting. Shivayna saha mogatay. ..Saha means the whole universe; mo means you; gatē means begging. ‘Shiva, totally I’m totally surrendering to your feet. No matter whatever it is, you’re the person to take care of me.’ … I’m completely depending on you.’ –s Shivena saha mogate means, ‘Y‘You are the final person to reach. You are the final person to ask to give for some help. I need it. Before I die, please make me happy, make me feel better, try to wash out all my illusion nets.

Shiva loka mavaponoti, Shiveyna saha movgate. Saha mogate – saha, mo, gate. Saha means whole universe; mo means you; gate means begging. That's the boss (Shiva) decision. He don't have parents. Try to understand.

Connects You to the Angels

With the sky Sky mantra you can connect to the angels. You can get the highest healing power. You can prepare yourself to be a big healer through the nature, through the sky. Through the Shiva energy can you make it. What I recommend is to ask Shiva; ask him for the beautiful things.

So once if you connected with the Sky mantra in the nature it’s a high melodious connecting to the angels. I told said it you have to be in the nature. It doesn’t belong to anyone, only yourself, keeping on developing that energy.

This energy of the earth is both male and female energy, if you mix it, it’s like a union. Then the channels start to open; then you can feel how much greater energy is hidden in that a power object. Especially after you do the air Air element mantra, whenever you’re in that, whenever you want to know certain things, you can feel it very, very clearly, because already you charged the mantra. You’re like a detector, perfect detector. Whenever it’s going, it starts vibrating. It gives the signal. You don’t need to access it. If you know all the things, if you know all the vibrations in you, then you can really pull the divine angels around you, with especially the Sky mantra. It will happen.

Growing True Soul Relationships

Our relationships, whatever it is, your human relationships and as wife and husband and Mother and kids and whatever it is. That's ok, fine. Don't get stuck too much unnecessarily in these illusions. The most important thing is the mission. To really having the true friendship, true love attachment is the Guru Parampara. The consciousness of the third eye, that is the most important to focus and to dedicate on that. In order to do that, try to chant the Sky mantra in the open nature I told it in the Sky mantra as much as you can.