Ancient Knowledge Serving Humanity

Using love we can change anything in the universe, through the soft, the soft (energy). We can melt anything in the universe with love. It’s the powerful arrow to make anything happen, good things. Whatever horrible things are in the universe, we can send love and we can change it. - Sri Kaleshwar

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The Divine Mother School is an online learning community comprised of students, teachers and healers who are awakening the Divine Feminine through the teachings of the Ancient Palm leaf Knowledge. Using these ancient formulas for bringing us closer to the Divine Mother in our daily lives, The Divine Mother School offers education through one-on-one support, small group sessions and large group courses, focusing on ancient practices that promote spiritual growth and development of Divine connection through pregnancy, motherhood, parenting and family relationships, women’s spirituality and more. All offerings are open to anyone regardless of religion, spiritual path or level of practice.

Now is the time to awaken our lost connection to the Divine Mother
to bring healing and transformation to a world in need!