Sample Teaching: Opening the Channel of Love in your Heart (connecting to Jesus, to God)

Jesus is the universe. Jesus means love. Love means Jesus.

Suppose we see a rose flower. Immediately we think, “oh, the rose” means red color, a certain shape. Every spiritual person must recognize, if you say love, love means “Oh, Jesus.” Who really has the affection, an open heart to all the people; loving, affectionate, happy and joyful, then their soul is totally open to love. Your love water goes to the big ocean, the Jesus ocean. Then, you soul door is open for the love water. There’s a Jesus ocean, love ocean. Then automatically it comes to them. You don’t need to try to get that connection. When you open yourself to whatever happens in front of you – to the great things and simple things with love and affection, that’s the kindness. It’s enough to connect to Jesus. There is nothing great in Jesus, except love. Through love we can change, we can make, we can do anything in the universe. Raising up love is a little difficult in the beginning stages. When loves comes, automatically the connection to Jesus comes with it. My connection is Jesus.

When Jesus is taking the flowers from God, first, he asks the plant, “Can I take your flower?” He is watching every insect. When he’s walking, he looks he talks to them with his soul, with love, with feelings. There are no words to explain those feelings. When you really attach to God, when you are sitting, really wanting to connect to Him, thinking on Him very deeply, really badly missing Him, really hoping to see him in your heart, to connect to Him, you don’t care about anything else in your life, all your love is focused on Him. You only need to focus on Him. No need to focus on his whole creation. His creation is huge.

Some people, they are just focusing their love totally on Him, asking in their heart to connect to Him. They are really, really melting with their hearts. There are no words to describe that. When your heart is melting with love, it’s unconditional love. When you’re in unconditional love, automatically the energy comes. You are floating, you’re totally like a leaf, like a petal. That’s the right time to suck the highest positive energy. When you are in that stage, it means His energy is coming to you. When you are pushing the energy up, up, up, and holding this stage of deep love, you are the love. Nothing is there except love. You can’t see anything, except love. You feel like you’re the only person in the huge cosmic with God.

That’s why the Vedic tradition says Atma/Paramaatma. Atma/Paramaatma. Aham Brahmhamsi. Atma means your soul. Paramaatmam means your Father, the creator, the producer of your soul, from where your soul came from. When your soul reaches Paramaatmam, that’s God. Your soul and God’s soul melting together, totally connecting. That is the connection to be in for a certain time, then again to come back. When you come back, again you can use the same process: If you saw the path one time, you can find the path again. If you found the real Father of your soul once, then you can find Him again easily. First time to find Him, it’s a little difficult.

For example. There are a hundred baby sheep. All sheep look similar, the same. All the big sheep look the same. If you separate them into groups for two days, on the third day, you can watch which baby sheep goes to which mother. You can see that each baby lamb can perfectly identify his mother in a hundred lambs. This is my mother. Then, it goes to drink the milk.

Suppose you have a child, if somebody holds that baby, usual it starts to cry. “Oh, oh, oh.” If you take it back, he goes “ah,” and stops crying. What is the difference? She’s a lady and you’re a lady - Your soul and your baby’s soul are very connected.When you are holding your baby, when the baby is sleeping on your chest, you are generally very happy. When the baby is drinking the milk, you feel the happiest. At that time you are not connected to anything in the world. You are very happy to be with your baby, and your whole attention is on your baby. You don’t care about God. You don’t care about anything. That baby is also totally connected to your heart. It’s very happy. It is a melting with each other. Even if a hundred women carry the baby, it’s still crying. If the real mother holds it (snaps), then the baby stops crying, “Hey, here’s my mother.” She’s the real love. The baby feels the real love, then it calms down.

We need to recognize what is the connection of soul to soul, what is the affection, what is the love. What is God? What is spirituality? Just learning the mantras, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, practicing, that’s not enough. You must have heart. You must have real kindness. You must have real surrender to God. You must worship Him. You must give your life to God, to do service to His children. Only then you can get the ticket, permission, to win His heart. Heart is very important. That’s all. Heart.

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