Create a Love Circle for Protection & Soul Healing

Try to protect and take care of at least 5 people around you. Write their names with their pictures, if you have them, on a piece of paper. Take care of their heart, feed them, send love and healing energy, serve them. Express your immortal love and friendship in any way, no matter how small.

“Create a love cycle. The globe is starving. Millions, of millions, of millions of people are a starving for the help. Whoever has disease and is hungry you cannot teach a mantra and process. That’s nonsense. They need a piece of bread, a medical kit, something. Help take care of it. Try to serve them. It’s called Madhava seva – first serve humanity, then God. Once you serve them, indirectly you serve me. Once you start loving the humanity, your spirituality will develop it automatically.” - Sri Kaleshwar

© 2017 Divine Lineage, All Rights Reserved • From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar • www.divinelineage.orgExcerpts from Jesus, Mary & the Miracle of the Resurrection, 2014 Divine Lineage program