Sri Kaleshwar & the Divine Mission

The Divine Mission

by Sri Kaleshwar

Hundreds of millions years back, the Mother gave the ancient divine spiritual knowledge. You cannot exactly identify when in the Kala Chakra. You can fix the clock so that today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, now the time is 11 o’clock. But in Her creation, a second is enough to Her. That is everything. There is no beginning, there is no end. It is She who gave the knowledge and the divine souls who received it.

On this globe, the spiritual seed started in India with the supernatural saints who for thousands and thousands of years practiced powerful mantras and received the highest cosmic energy in their souls. They discovered the Vedas, the secret formula mantras, and energy angels. Each king, each village sacrificed their life to connect to God. They all recognized the cosmic energy. Now we are practically doing it again. If you see the ancient palm leaf books, you get a shock how much on the day they really dedicated their lives and sacrificed their lives writing the information that is written in hundreds of thousands palm leaves books.

I read the Puranas. I read the Bible. I read the Vedas. I read all the traditional books. They didn’t make sense to me. Then I read the palm leaf books, then it made sense to me. The Bhagavad Gita, the Bible on one side. If you see the ancient palm leaves, they’re on the other side. They’re not matching. Thirty percent I read and got shocked. I was really shocked. Then I travelled as a researcher visiting whole of India.

It’s quite amazing, my spiritual journey, from Manasarovar all the way to Kanyakumari, to Bethlehem, and all the way to the Vatican. I was researching on the ancient power objects, aghoras, avadhuts, bhairavis, bhairavi yoginis, spiritual science and supernatural science healing techniques that were in the ancient manuscripts. I studied, I studied, I studied. My whole research, all my experiences, I’m putting in one cup and giving it to you. In a short way, in a quick way I’m giving it to you.

Students Today Will Demonstrate Miracles

They wrote the clear information with authentic proof. The same information is being passed to you. I wrote the book on the Big Boss, Jesus Christ’s life, about when he was in India studying these ancient formulas. Even in the Bible they wrote he disappeared for some years. We know that after the crucifixion, he also disappeared to India. From that period his life in India is very interesting, what he did and what channels he did. The crucifixion was a kind of Kandhana Yoga. Shirdi Baba also did Kandhana Yoga and Dhauti Yoga. The Maharshis in the Puranas also did the yogas. Also, now the Guru Parampara made my students reach a certain stage to demonstrate certain yogas.

Finally the conclusion came. Any person on the planet can do it. The Big Boss, Jesus Christ, made the comment that his students would become more powerful than him. That’s true. Even many students here can do some amazing things more than me. A certain block I got stuck in responsibilities. My time is getting short.

But, so far, for thousands of years, a lot of the ancient information has been hidden and got crashed. Let it come out. I’m a small peanut to pull that information out. Of course, I have the grace of Baba, and Jesus, and Mother. I’ll pull that information. I’ll get it in front of your feet. Let it be available to everybody in the Nature, everybody on the planet. Let it be an open challenge to any scholar, any professor, any intellectual, whoever it might be, any religious person. I’m ready to answer, to stand there to speak the reality that I know on their content. Your Swami’s giving you powerful nectar. That nectar will create the victory. The victory will create the history. The history will create the unbelievable wisdom for the world. It will remove the darkness on the planet. There are a lot of divine channels that your Swami is researching. What I’m researching, I’m putting in front of your feet then you’re the right judge – each individual divine soul. Whatever your judgment is, is my divine blessing. Please pray for this divine blessing to come out on the planet. It’s coming.

The Globe's Belief System Will Change

It’s the time to change the globe’s belief system so the coming generations know these ancient formulas from the Mother. For millions of years the Kala Chakra has kept running. Billions of souls keep coming and going. How many people are really recognizing, ‘What is the real truth, satya?’ We need to know the real truth of why we’re here. Recognizing the truth – what is permanent and what nobody can change. To recognize the reality is important, otherwise it is a waste of life. Once you are born, the truth is, one day you have to die. After dying, where are you going? Where did you come from? Know where you came from and where you’re going. Once you know where you came from you will automatically know where you are going. Between that easily you can understand all the illusions, this great dream.

I hope very soon the globe will change in a beautiful way, beautiful way, and can really understand the depth of the healing techniques. This is the time all of you have to stand strongly, to have the stamina and stability and be capable, really capable, to take care each of other, and create peace and harmony, and bring unbelievable wisdom on the planet. No matter what, you have to stand for the truth of what they told on the ancient days in the palm leaf books: the yantras, prayers, mantras, all the channels. That’s your duty to bring it to the globe.

My mission is to make powerful healers and spiritual masters. Each city must have more than forty to fifty healers, powerful masters to awaken people, to magnetize the truth in people. The people are sleeping now. Everyone is just coming and going, being born and dying. Why did we come on this Earth? Did we come just to make a good life, to have a wife or husband and children, to make money and enjoy ourselves, and finally to die? Is that the reason? What is the real purpose? To know the truth is why you came on this planet.

Wake Up Your Consciousness

So, coming to the point, your soul is equal to Adi Shankaracharya. Your body is equal to Adi Shankaracharya. Your soul is equal to Jesus. You have 100% right to receive whatever the top divine souls received on the planet. We’re innocent. Every person is born with equal rights. Mother is one hundred percent fair. We all came from the Womb Chakra of the Mother. Every soul is eligible to have that experience. An amazing spark is in you. Try to pull that out and take care of it. Come up, come up, come up, wake up, wake up, wake up your consciousness!

There are many, many layers of the healing capabilities, many, many layers of the miracle stages, many, many layers to understand the cosmic. Still, I’m also a student. Even though pretty good I’ve studied a couple of thousand palm leaf books in my life and several hundreds of yantras. It’s an ocean. It’s really an ocean. But there’s no need to know the entire ocean. Once you learn just a part of the real concept, the theory, then automatically you’ll learn the rest in your life. God will pull you. But to receive that information, to receive that divine blessing from God, a master, a teacher, a healer, any avatar, any swami, any guru, first you need to be dedicated in your life.

The information is there to know about God, to know about yourself, and to know about the highest healing capabilities. To be able to become a powerful healer, to really want to know that, to really jump in it, how much are you really dedicating your life for the circumstances in the society? You want to become a healer. You want to become a master. It means you have to go help. You have to take care. How much happiness are you really willing to sacrifice for the society and to the people around you? You need to develop your heart and your soul as a helping nature. Without your notice, your mind and your heart and your soul will turn as a man of love, person of pure love. Wherever pure true love is there, there is God. Without your notice He will stay in you. He’s around you.

Serve the People Around You

If you really want to enjoy your life and also you want to do great works – huh-un. You can enjoy but only to a certain stage then you can’t go more than that. You cannot. After a certain stage, you’re for the society, the globe. After you receive certain abilities in you, then you really need to take care around the people. You have to have that type of strong commitment in your life. Doesn't matter even if you have the big knowledge, healing powers, whatever you have, you need to love humanity, serve, help as much as you can. As much as you can, serve the humanity, hugging them and caring for them, then, yes, you are a divine person, you are a divine soul.

It is quite amazing. People's hearts are opening worldwide to create peace and harmony. And, they’re taking care of each other with unbelievable healing abilities. I appreciate it. My main concept is, for at least two to three hours a week to do some charitable works. Give your free service, and provide some food, even a piece of bread. And, if financially you are well enough, try to give whatever your heart says. It helps your soul. Try to create joy in the needy people around you. The Guru Parampara, and especially my soul, loves that concept. You have no idea what thirst looks like, no idea what hunger looks like, you have no idea how much you really need your eyes, you have no idea how much God has given you all the parts of the body as a healthy person. A healthy person needs to help needy people, spend time with the mentally retarded, the sick, the depression and heartbroken people. If you make them smile and laugh, that is winning the first step to the Divine. If you cannot win the humanity, it is highly difficult to win Mother Nature. Forget about your selfishness, try to think about who is around you, too. Don’t neglect this. Take my message seriously. Try to find a way to help the needy people.

Help ever, hurt never. Care about the tears. With intention or without intention, you should not give a cause, give a pain to somebody’s heart, to create tears in their heart; tears in their heart, not in the eyes. That is a most dangerous crime that you can do. Intentionally, without intention, be very careful how you’re going to handle the humanity, any divine soul, any creation around you, in whatever the circumstance.

Our Guru Parampara, Baba, said, “All human beings are one. Our religion is humanity. God is one.” If you can, try to do seva to who really needs help around you. Bring them food, spend a little time with them and make them happy. Share your love and friendship, and the fragrance of our divine lineage. Make a strong commitment to help wherever you can. Lead your life as a beautiful message.

Trust the Miracle Energy

Until you win your mission, don’t give up. To be such strong healers, the strongest healers on the globe and create more healers, create a beautiful rose garden, that’s very important. If you’re not doing the healings, just simply sitting in your house, “Swami, I keep trying, it’s not happening.” It’s not my fault. Keep try, try, try, try. Some coconuts will break at a stretch. Some coconuts take five, six, seven, ten, twenty times. They won’t break. Understand? So until it breaks, keep trying. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Many people think, “Swami, we need to work. We have family life, kids, children, old parents, a lot of responsibilities and burdens, a lot of weight.” I understand. Physically I traveled Europe, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia. Pretty good I traveled. America, I traveled. I saw the people’s lifestyle. Without I seeing it with my own eyes, I won’t say any unnecessary judgments. Stop your ego. Give the responsibility to the Dwarkamai and Guru Parampara. There is one word — miracle. Trust that! That’s why they have given that word to that — miracle. It’s not a big deal.

If you’re really committed, if you choose the commitment, “Yes, Swami, I’m here for the Divine Mission. No matter what, I’m giving my headache to the Guru Paramparas, whatever it is, fine. I will do the Guru Paramparas’ mission until my last breath, in whatever circumstance, whatever the people’s criticisms. It doesn’t matter how much I’m sensitive, how much I’m strong, I’ll try my maximum best.” Then, yes, the Guru Parampara is there. Your master must be there. He will be there!

You can create any hospitals around the globe but you what we really need to create soul hospitals. These types of hospitals are required on the globe right now. Millions of dollars, millions of rupees, are spent on regular hospitals. That’s good. But the broken souls, the heartbroken, the depressed who have gone through everything in their life, have lost everything and want to know satya, the truth. You need to create it for them to know to recognize some bliss. That’s only possible to happen in these types of centers. You need to do that.

It doesn’t need to be big. Even if it’s small but you’re giving initiation, shaktipat, putting them in the energy, and training them. That’s important. And, to also take care of their karmic things, performing certain prayers. But majority it means fixing their souls and taking care of their souls. That real specialist is Big Boss Baba and Jesus Christ did it with a different angle.

I don’t want to see you all the time hanging with your Swami Kaleshwar. I want to make you to be free, to be as a powerful master, to create thousands of students, to create a lot of light in the world. Remove the darkness in the world. That’s your job.

I need masters who can sit and lead, dictate the elements, control the elements, and help powerfully in the planet. That is your mission.

I am doing my part. I am preparing you. I am working with your consciousness when you are really in stitha pregnata and you’re in deep sleep in the trance mood. Moreover, it is very important to make your heart and mind, especially monkey mind, to stop. That’s why we used the Hanuman energy[1]— to grow pure unbelievable capabilities in your bodies. Different chakras are activated in your body. But step-by-step I’m elevating your soul frequency in all angles as much possible without getting any disturbance — making you gently to get enlightenment.

Stand for the Truth

Whatever I’m playing is a drama. I have to play my role and go. You have to play your role. You have to go. How long? What is your part? The director won’t explain it to you before the next step of your drama. You understand? But I’m 100% sure you will discover the director’s mind vision very clearly. The simple experiences you’re facing with Guru Parampara will make sense to you. Then you can reach that point. Small testings, incidences, small experiences here and there, you keep catching them. Then you’ll reach there.

Understand me here. Your commitment is important. It is necessary. Be patient to learn this knowledge. Be patient to practice this knowledge. It's good karma. You’ll see the results. It’s everybody’s responsibility to bring the truth, the ancient information in the globe. If you’re really concentrated to bring out the ancient tradition, you’ll do it. But the dedication and the belief system and surrender is very important. Be in a dignified and loyal way, whatever the consequences, regarding taking care of the truth, standing for the truth and always winning through peace. I am humbly respecting you guys, all the divine souls, to bring the divine knowledge from the ancient palm leaf books to the planet as soon as possible. Be in unity; take care in a loyal and dignified way, no matter what. Stand for the truth. Truth always wins.

Unity always makes more strength. It's like a beautiful thread. One small thread joining with several threads to make a strong thread. Even to a big wild cobra, if small ants turn around it, it can easily kill it. But one ant cannot. If they're all gathered together and attacking the negativity it will automatically stop. For example, what Baba is doing from his samadhi, many, many saints are doing. So far, all the students who learned the amazing knowledge, one thing, yes, your souls will be amazingly useful to the planet.

So I need complete your support and strength and unity. Once you're in unity, certain things I can do. If you really have patience and cooperate with each other like brothers and sisters and good friends, like teamwork, you really can create history and victory. It's not my success; it's your success, guys.

[1] to give the Immortal Enlightenment transmission.