Some of the Benefits of the Maheshwari Yoga Process

  1. You can channel the Mother’s peaceful loving energy to calm down the violence in the world around you.
  2. You can pull the gentle, peaceful, smiling forms of Mother Divine - Maheshwari, Purandeshwari or Mohini - in front of you and have darshan and conversation with Her in physical form.
  3. You are protected even if disasters are happening around you.
  4. You can purify any block (negative tendency), karma, or negative energy you are carrying. This is especially important for men to help remove strange kama (desire, often sexual) tendencies and kama obsessions.
  5. You can protect yourself from any kind of negative energy hitting you.
  6. You can protect the people around you, especially in disaster situations.
  7. You can call on the Mother to change what is happening in the present moment to protect.
  8. You can call on the Mother to change some negative incident that has already happened (in the past).
  9. It will especially help girls and young women who start this prayer before the onset of their first menses. It will give the strongest foundation to their life and protect them from many negative influences, giving them confidence, happiness and inner peace.

“So far, thou­sands of peo­ple prac­ticed these Mother Divine Chan­nels and have had unbe­liev­able suc­cess. I believe it is the eas­i­est and fastest way for any saint, any soul, on this planet to con­nect to Shiva and Mother Divine.” - Sri Kaleshwar

Excerpts from Jesus & Mary and the Shiva/Shakti Energies, Divine Lineage Program By Monika and Nityaananda in Bavaria, Germany, October 2017:

Monika: Maheshwari is the very beautiful peaceful form of the Mother. So the darshan of Mahehwari is always a form that everyone can handle. Kali is a later stage.

The words in this prayer, “Maha Pralaya Kaala”, means the big destruction. So this energy of this prayer really helps in a time when there is big destruction. He (Swami) said it could reverse it in a very beautiful way. So that is a good prayer to do when you are at fire pujas.

Nityaananda: And if you are in a distaster, if a disaster is happening around you, this prayer can protect you and the people around you. It can save your life. It can save the lives of the people around you too.

You don’t need to charge it. You don’t need to pull Mother Divine. Just, if you know part of this prayer, you can say this prayer and it can really help. Like say someone does not want to do this sadhana, they are not interested in this information, but I want them to know this prayer. If they is in a disaster they does not have to believe in what I believe in, but it will save their life.