Create a Love Circle for Protection & Soul Healing

Commit to, Protect and Take Care of At Least 5 People

Try to commit to protect and take care of at least 5 people around you. Write their names with their pictures, if you have them, on a piece of paper. Take care of their heart, feed them, send love and healing energy, serve them. Express your immortal love and friendship in any way, no matter how small.

Create a love cycle. The globe is starving. Millions, of millions, of millions of people are a starving for the help. Whoever has disease and is hungry you cannot teach a mantra and process. That’s nonsense. They need a piece of bread, a medical kit, something. Help take care of it. Try to serve them. It’s called Madhava seva – first serve humanity, then God. Once you serve them, indirectly you serve me. Once you start loving the humanity, your spirituality will develop it automatically.

Your commitment is important. It is necessary. Be patient to learn this knowledge. Be patient to practice this knowledge. This will generate positive energy and support in your process as a growing performance artists and natural healer. You’ll see the results.

We’re all one. There is no superiority there is no inferiority. There is no better or lesser than. Be open , from discernment and inner clarity as a performance artist receiving negativity from those you perform for and heal.

Love and Care for Humanity

Create joy, inspiration and hope others so that happiness and soul healing will start to grow in their lives. Giving one seed, one experience, of joy, of inspiration, of hope to another person and that seed will grow up to become a tree, a vital person full of life force that can then give similar seeds to others. The possibilities for self-healing and global transformation are infinite and all we have to do is start by gifting one seed, one experience of soul healing to another, to experience and understand your full capacity as a performance artists and natural soul healer.

Another person cannot just tell you, “Ok, your tree will make the flowers bloom just at this time, and the fruits will come just at that time.” Everything depends on allowing the cosmic energy to naturally and authentically flow through you to another who has an open heart to receiving this blessing of healing anergy and love.

Every human being has the capacity to be a vehicle for this level of cosmic soul healing energy. Everybody has the innate ability to plant these seeds in another. You can get the inner strength and willpower to do the healing. You can become powerful natural healer.

Loving Others

Treating ourselves and others with unconditional love and compassion and empathy are a choice we all have to make and we can all grow the willpower necessary to create positive energy through choosing these over all possible ways of generating negative energy.

Serving and helping others is a way to create open feedback loop through which to be able to continue growing as a performance artist and natural soul healer.

Healing and Taking Care of the Human Heart

Try to do as much as you can to take care of the human hearts whatever angles you can do.

To win the true love, how much you're loving your self, if you are loving somebody around you the same equal amount, the sharing of that love, that is the pure truth (satya). That is your life purpose (dharma). Then automatically your inner peace (shanti) will develop.

Once your inner peace develops, automatically you will start to create peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of soul within yourself. Completely peace, quietness, equanimity (stitha pregnatha) will start to grow in you.