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  We Need Protection Circles

You can prevent a lot of the negative vibrations flowing on and in you through developing and maintaining positive energy vibrations around you. These positive energy acts to protect you from the negativity. These are protection circles.

We need some protection circles of positive energy, we need a some protecting energy in our lives. How to get that? Through your open hearted practices growing positive energy, when you are charging positive vibrations in your soul you are also creating and strengthening your own protection circles.

For any human being who came on earth, encountering negativity is natural. The negativity will affect you more easily whenever the positive energy protection circles around you go down. Every person has a protection energy field of positive energy vibrations. If it’s not strong enough, then you start to face the problems. If it’s very strong, you’ll escape and come out from that. So you need to create those protection circles as much as you can in your life.

Whenever you're creating the high positive energy, we have to be very careful how you are doing it. In this Creation, whenever you’re going for something, the opposite energy, the opposite nature wants to shake you. Once something positive is coming in your life the negativity starts to affect. It wants to disturb. To normal people it won’t affect that much, but to soul healers like performance artists it comes one hundred times more. It means you really need some understanding how to handle the highest positive energy. It’s very important.

As fast as you are going a positive way that fast the negative energy are also following you. It’s true. You have to be very, very careful to be aware of this point. When you start to do good work, you have to bring high positive energy around you, to create high protection circles from the negative energy. You have to bring the thoughts in your mind and heart.

If negative things are happening in your life, it means you don’t have enough protection circles. Your positive energy circles that are protecting you are getting lower.

Someone received cancer, an accident, lost their leg, eye, etc. – whole families – accidents. It is karma [1], reflecting in this lifetime. It will implement, from other lives. Before it hits, create protection circles. Make your soul strong. If you protection circles are strong – you won’t receive illness, heartbeaks.

The only solution – practice developing your positive vibrations and qualities. Be confident. Enjoy the inner silence. Listen to beautiful music. Receive the cosmic energy. (See Lesson 'Techniques for Decharging' for more about growing your positive energy vibrations.)

After you pull the high vibrations into your soul, mostly it maintains your positive circles so the negative energy wont disturb you. When the positive vibrations around you are getting less, it means the negative energy can disturb you easily, to put you in the sadness and the depression. You have to be very comfortable and careful to create your own energy around you to make the positive circles.

A light is always around you and protecting you. A light is in you. That keeps growing. Once if the light starts to grow in you then no matter how you are in the suffering and problems, it will automatically start protecting you.

1 All effects, positive and negative, of each action (thought, word or deed) performed by a soul in any lifetime. Everyone must experience the effects of all their actions. Debt.