Life = Energy = Vibration

All action is energy. All desire is energy. All feeling is energy. All thought is energy. All living is energy. All life is energy. - Krishnamurti

Everything Is Made of Vibrations

Modern science and ancient spiritual science come together in the understanding of a subtle vibratory field of energy underlying everything we see and experience. Quantum physics speaks about this field of energy that connects every thing to every thing else. Physicists call this the zero-point field. Einstein called this field the only reality that exists. It is the field of infinite possibilities. When scientists break down the tiniest particles of matter they discover it isn’t solid at all, it is pure energy in constant motion. Even more extraordinary, these subatomic particles do not exist separately; they are part of one underlying energy, where everything - including consciousness itself - affects everything else. The soul is an individual piece of this underlying unitive vibration.

Our souls are made of light and vibra­tion. When we give our souls the right vibra­tions our soul power is increased. Everything in our life depends on how we are managing our vibrations, our energy. We have to be very aware of the energy - our vibrations and the vibrations we are surrounded by - and understand how it can protect or damage us. If we have no protection circles energy there is suffering.

The vibrations around us affect how we think, feel and perceive the world. Similarly, whatever vibrations we generate have an impact on the world around us. We are in a continuous cycle of creating and sending vibrations that affect us and the world around us, and we are receiving vibrations from the world in return. Our own vibrations affect us in the same way. Our thoughts, words and actions create vibrations that affect our soul, either positivity or negatively. If we think deeply about this, we can see how every thought, action and emotional reaction has an impact.

Your soul is made of nothing but light and vibration. It's living in you as a spark.

Positive Vibrations Create Protection Circles

The vibrations in the today's world are increasingly negative. This is an age dominated by fear, hatred, selfishness and violence. We must make effort to be in, and generate anew, positive vibrations that uplift our souls and fill us with positive, peaceful energy to counteract the effects of these dominant vibrations.

Your protection circles are the energy field around you protecting your energy from these negative influences and illusions. You can think of it as a guardian angel constantly protecting us. Our protection circles help us manage our lives in a smooth positive way and protect us from suffering and harm.

The soul is unbelievably sensitive. If you really keep making it healthy and happy giving the right vibrations, it always leads you to become a person of supreme power.

Negative vibrations take many forms and create disturbances and headaches in our lives and our relationships. When our protection circles are low we’re susceptible to negativity from others. We are more prone to accidents or things often considered just a 'string of bad luck.' The influences of negative energies cause us to feel depressed, hopeless, unworthy, confused, overwhelmed and filled with self-doubt. These negative vibrations reduce your soul capacity, further weakening protection circles and make you susceptible to negative influences.

Protection Circles & Soul Capacity Are Linked

When your protection circles are strong, the negative vibrations do not impact you as strongly. Strong protection circles reduce the temptation to generate new negativity through your own thoughts and internal dialogue.

Human beings have unbelievable powers inside them but they don’t know how to pull them out or how to use them in a proper way. The only way to bring out that knowledge, healing capacity, and tremendous energy is to totally connect your soul to the cosmic energy.

Maintaining Your Vibrations & Growing Your Protection Circles

It is important to maintain your vibrations. When you connect your soul to the cosmic energy it receives the right vibrations. This course will teach many practices and ways to live your life that will generate high positive vibrations in your soul and release (decharge) negativity and stress, strengthening your protection circles, and making your soul healthy, happy and strong.

It is necessary for everyone to give attention and effort to create and maintain their protection circles.