The Importance of Knowing Who You Are, by Sri Kaleshwar

“Can I ask a few questions to you, guys? Why did Buddha, Siddharta, go into vairagya (complete deteachment from the world)? What really made him go into vairagya? What really brought him enlightenment? What type of inspiration he have and where did he got it? Even though he got the inspiration, how did he really take it into his soul?

Something needs to be very strong to make it light in your heart, isn’t it? It’s not easy to pull a soul, to raise the energy in their heart, to give that huge concentration to be able to connect to whatever he wants plus be able to demonstrate amazing things. It’s not that easy. Some high light, high power is necessary to bring what energy he faced in his life to come up to that stage. What is the fundamental of that inspiration he received?

What, what is that desire?

Why did he get that inspiration, is the point? Why did he reached the point that he wants to know himself?

…Death is permanent. Staying is illusion. I don’t know how far I’m staying too. It is big illusion. Why death is coming, where it is coming? Where the real life is hidden in the body?

Then all of a sudden he wanted to start research on that. Then pretty good he traveled. He wanted to be alone and practice. Then he pulled some bijakshras (seed mantras) from in the nature…

The bottom line is he went through, like that. He researched, he connected. Finally, he found desire. Desire is the main seed of all these illusions. How to even wash the desires? To wash the desire is also a desire, isn’t it? To know who you are is also a desire, isn’t it?

Why you want to know God? Why you want to know yourself? Why is it necessary?

… You have to do (spirituality) for yourself first step, not for to me, not for the world. First you have to do for yourself. After you did it, then try to think on the globe. First if you don’t know yourself, how can you take care of the globe? You know what I’m saying? Of course, you can send your love to the globe and you can send your blessings, but you can’t really take care, do a real job for the globe, unless if you know what you really are…”

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