Change Your Vibrations, Change Your Life

The ancient sages knew that everyone and everything in this world is made up of God’s energy - one underlying energy. We are truly One. Science is showing what spirituality knows, that there is a subtle vibratory field of energy that underlies everything we see and experience. We are all connected by this energy, and what effects one soul affects every soul.

Our souls are made of light and vibra­tion. Whatever the quality of vibrations around us or generated by us affects our souls directly. When we reg­u­larly feed our souls the right vibra­tions, it brings great heal­ing and inner peace.

We are always in a cycle of creating and sending vibrations into the world, and receiving vibrations from the nature/world in return. The vibrations around us affect how we think, feel, literally perceive our lives and the world. Our own vibrations affect us in the same fashion. Whatever vibrations we generate have an impact on the world around us.

Our vibrations affect our thinking, and our thoughts and words affect everything we experience, either positivity or negatively. Every prayer, thought, feeling, and emotional reaction of all kinds affect us and has a far-reaching effect in the world around us. In this way, we can see how caring, compassion, good intentions, and acts of love, service and kindness create positive vibrations for ourselves and everyone throughout the world.

We need the ancient technology the sages used to create the vibrations that will help us, and bring peace and healing on a global scale.

Never underestimate the power of the vibrations.

When we change the way we use our vibrations, we are changing the world.

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