Welcome to Women Empowering Women

Live teaching satsang every Thursday
at 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern with Shivani.

Shivani is honored to be part of the Divine Mother School team and to lead the Women’s Empowerment Satsang. Since beginning the First Earth mantra 11 years ago, Shivani’s life continues to unfold in a beautiful way and now has much more peace, happiness, and blessings. This is possible for all! She is happy to shine light on the path for anyone interested. Jai Guru! Jai Ma!

The Women’s Empowerment Satsang is a place for Women to study the ancient knowledge of the Divine Mother's Palm Leaf books, revealed to the world by Sri Kaleshwar. As women we re/embody/carry Shakti, We must first understand this so that we know how to regard and care for ourselves. Here we will discuss practices to strengthen and protect ourselves. We will read and discuss the ancient knowledge focusing on what Sri Kaleshwar shared on the topic of women. The goal/purpose for this satsang is to empower women through knowledge and understanding, so that we may heal and bless the world.

We encourage open-hearted sharing and questions. Please feel welcome here, we are stronger together.

Topics we will be sharing and learning about together in this exciting series include:

  • Beauty: The Essences of the Brahma Consciousness
  • Energy, Vibrations & Healing
  • Negative Energy is Part of Today's World
  • Control the Mind, Follow the Heart
  • Learn to Read Your Vibrations
  • Mind: Gatekeeper of the Senses
  • Two Hearts: Physical & Spiritual Heart
  • Releasing Negativity in the Heart
  • Sangīta Prakshālana [Washing Through Beauty]
  • Formal Self-Healing Practice with Music
  • Informal Self-Healing Practice with Beauty
  • Mantra 'Mama'
  • Integrating Self-Care with Beauty Into Your Life

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