Satsang #116: Lesson 1 - Welcome to Healing the Heart!

Lesson 1 - Welcome to Healing the Heart!

Satsang recording and additional materials
from July 13, 2023 live satsang.

Welcome to our 'Women Empowering Women's Satsang' group session. It's a place where women from all backgrounds come together to learn about heart healing using ancient Eastern wisdom. We invite you to watch our video and see if our session speaks to you. We'd love to have you join us on this journey.

In this lesson:

✅ People find their way to this ancient's knowledge in different ways. Some are guided by teachers, and others follow their own intuition. No matter the path, many agree that his teachings have opened their hearts.

✅ We're about to start a 12-week course. The focus is on noticing beauty in everyday life, controlling our minds through our hearts, and taking care of ourselves.

✅ Our group believes in learning together. We value all perspectives, which help us avoid misunderstandings and learn from each other.

✅ We all come from different places, but we have a shared goal: to learn, grow, and open our hearts.

✅ We encourage everyone to write down moments of beauty and positive emotions in a journal. This is our homework. It helps us appreciate the good in life and remember these moments when we need them.

✅ As a group, let's try and meditate together regularly. It helps us support each other on our spiritual journeys.

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