Benefits & Power of the Five Elements Meditation Process

Beginning with the Five Elements Process, I am giving formulas in supernatural energies. These energy formulas are a shortcut road to getting the divine grace. This five elements system comes from the palm leaves from two thousand years back. In the Vedic tradition, this knowledge teaches how to choose high powerful bijaksharas (sounds/vibrations), putting the seed words in a proper order to make a perfect formula - a mantra - and then how to chant that.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Vehicles of God's Cosmic Energy

The Five Elements Process opens an individual’s spiritual channels to connect directly with the cosmic energy. It brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates positive protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful.

The Five Elements prayers (mantras) create the perfect vibration only when your heart is open. If you say the mantra, even if you have faith or not, of course some energy is there. It works on one level but God’s secrets work in the heart. Open your heart to the beautiful five elements and purify the element mantras. Then forever and ever you are generating that love.

This process purifies the body and energy centers (chakras), charges the soul with the five elements and opens a connection to the cosmic energy.

Through practicing these powerful vibration elements mantras, you are receiving a purification process for your soul. It gives the very highest peace and connects you to the cosmic energy. Your aim becomes aligned with nature’s elements.

The Five Elements Meditation Process has enormous benefits that include:

1. It creates strong willpower.

2. You will have full command on connecting the highest positive energy.

3. You will create around yourself divine energy circles.

4. You can heal yourself very easily. 

5. You can heal other people who are having trouble with negative energies.

6. If someone is using their energies in a negative way, like black magic powers, you can remove those energies and stop them.

7. You can make your mind very peaceful for concentrating on meditation. Your knowledge will automatically improve and make your life successful.

It helps your everyday life, your business life, whatever it is.

9. You can also heal your family members and your children.

10. You can bring the good fortune into your life.

Healing Power of the Elements

Wherever you go in the universe you can find the earth, you can find the fire, you can find the air, you can find the water, you can find the sky. We must learn the five elements, how to heal the human body through the five elements, then how to command the five elements.

Throughout these five elements, Shiva’s energy is flowing, he’s everywhere, his energy is everywhere. The elements are filled with his energy - Nama Shivaya. In the Nama Shivaya there are five letters. They are called five elements: Na Ma Shi Va Ya – earth, fire, sky, water, air.

When your body completely fulfilled with the vibrations of the five elements, then automatically, your mind and your thoughts, your heart, it means your soul, started like a bud, to opening like a flower. When your starting to your soul like blooming up, even when you are sleeping, somebody coming and talking to your ears, your intuition telling to you before something is running the future, what is going on there.

Some diseases even if you touch, it will heal. Any heartbroken people if they come to you, just if you’re touching them, “Don’t worry, be happy.”... just hugging them. Like in a few minutes complete like heartbroken, like a craziness, it will go away. What is the mechanism running there? The energy flowing from you to that person and you’re sucking that. That pain you’re sucking. Without your notice, it is dissolving in your high powerful energy. Then the person is getting relief and better and happy and big smiling face. This all is coming not from you. You are just an instrument in the God’s hands.

If your body temperature goes down, you’re dead. If not drinking the water for two days, you’re dead. If not breathing your air for five minutes, you’re dead. If the sky’s cosmic energy is not happening on you, you’re dead. If terrible diseases are happening on you, it’s the earth element, because the earth element not balancing in your body. You might think, ‘I have cancer’, it means your earth element is not balancing in your body. Take it for granted (for truth).

Everything is linked with our inner vibrations, linked with five elements. Once you have perfect, or at least maintaining pretty good balance of the vibrations of the five elements, your whole life goes very peacefully.

- Sri Kaleshwar

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