The Five Elements: Channels of God's Energy

It’s a tradition of the five elements. True, true, true love. It doesn’t belong to any religion, any tradition. When your body is completely fulfilled with the vibrations of the five elements, then automatically your mind and your thoughts, your heart and your soul, start to open like a bud of a flower.

- Sri Kaleshwar

God's Energy Flow's Through Five Channels

Everything in creation is made of the five elements - Earth, Fire, Sky, Water, and Air. These are the pillars of God's creation. Your body is made of the five elements, and your soul is made of the five elements. Wherever you go, you are living in and affected by the five elements.

The five elements are made up of God's energy, the energy of the Divine Mother and Father. God's energy is One, the union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energy. It is their energy manifest in the five elements that brings self-healing, clarity and awakens your consciousness. God's energy has different masculine and feminine forms that manifest to help us understand and connect with the one underlying energy of which we all are made, and through which we are all connected.

The palm leaf manuscripts of India reveal the power of the five elements and how you can channel the cosmic energy flowing through each element to receive profound peace and healing to your heart, mind, body and soul. The elements are beyond any particular religion or tradition but are essential to every spiritual tradition. For example, the water element in baptisms; fire and candle light is seen in all places of worship; the air element in song and speech, and the earth element in holy statues, power objects, and sacred places.

The Divine Mother and Father have been called many names in different traditions throughout history. In the ancient tradition the Divine Mother is called Shakti, and the Divine Father's is called Shiva. You will learn more about different aspects of the Divine Mother and Father's energy in the abishek and mantra sections of this course.

All miracles happen through the five elements' energy. We operate the cosmic energy of creation through the elements to heal and purify our body, to charge our soul with cosmic energy and to open up healing channels to be able to transmit healing energy to others. We also connect to divine souls, angels, the Divine Mother and Father through the five elements to receive their blessings.

Having the awareness that a deeper spiritual mechanism is working through the five elements helps you develop and deepen your personal relationship and experience of God.

God’s secrets work in the heart.

Open your heart to the beautiful elements and purify the element mantras.

Forever and ever you are generating that Love.

- Sri Kaleshwar

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