The Divine Mother Gave the Knowledge

from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

My dear, divine souls, globe is one. Humanity is one. Truth, satya, is one. Dharma is one. Prema, love, is one. Knowledge is one.

We have amazing information with us. Penukonda is a part, one fruit on a big mango tree. It will take a minimum of 500 years for many people spending their entire lives to translate the books and really understand them. There is the Tibetan knowledge. There is the Egyptian knowledge. There is the South Indian knowledge. The North Indian knowledge. The entire global knowledge. All the information they have, we have. Everything. This ancient knowledge is the mother of all knowledge. All the other information is just sub-branches.

The first beginning of the knowledge came from America. It’s true. When the knowledge first came to America, the people ignored the energy. America is one part very, very smart but they ignored the knowledge. In some of the palm leaves, they mention the technology very, very cleverly. “Some of the people came from off-shore.” When I meditated in America, when I was in America, I felt the Aspen mountains is near equal to the Himalaya energy. In Hawaii, from the volcano mountains, it’s a natural fire spot. Incredible energy. When I was in meditation in Hawaii, I saw some beautiful saints’ souls. This is the first time I’m opening this. It’s true.

America, that land, is very, very powerful more than any place in the world, one part. Now it’s completely falling down. India also has same energy. Indians have the strongest faith on their masters, on their tradition, on their systems, on the Nature. That’s why for thousands of years in India emperors came and built huge temples in India. Because they saw the direct miraculous power, the energy, in various people in India. And the gurus, no way they’re talking, they’ll just show the energy. No talk, wait and see, action to reaction. That’s why India became very, very powerful.

But for thousands of years, a lot of the ancient information has been hidden and got crashed. Let it come out. I’m a small peanut to pull that information out. Of course, I have the grace of Baba, Jesus and Mother. I’ll pull that information. I’ll get it in front of your feet. Let it be available to everybody in the Nature, to everybody on the planet. Let it be an open challenge to any scholar, any professor, any intellectual, whoever it might be, any religious person. I’m ready to answer, to stand there to speak the reality that I know on their content.

Your Swami’s giving you powerful nectar. That nectar will create the victory. The victory will create the history. The history will create the unbelievable wisdom for the world. It will remove the darkness on the planet. There are a lot of divine channels that your Swami is researching. What I’m researching, I’m putting in front of your feet. Then you’re the right judge — each individual divine soul. Whatever your judgment, that is my divine blessing. Please pray for this divine blessing to come out on the planet. It’s coming.

It’s not my knowledge. It’s the knowledge of the supernatural saints. These are the kind of formulas we have, knowledge from 3,000 years back. This is the first time it’s being brought out. It’s completely the first time. Now it can be used. My mission, my ambition, is to grow the knowledge fast. I am giving formulas of the supernatural energies. They are the shortcut to get divine grace in a short time. I want to spread this knowledge. Then everybody can smell the fragrance of God.

It’s one type of spiritual revolution that I’m bringing in the world, a challenge, like the Paramashiva Yoga. We each need to also experience whatever the divine souls experienced — working with the soul and angel channels, controlling and handling spirits, communicating and hooking angels, making them work, bringing your own energy up to connect and communicate with Mother Divine.

So, once you learn Telugu, yes, in your lifetime achievement, you can tell what one palm leaf book explained. Hundreds of thousands of books are available. I read many, then I got shocked. I was really shocked. Then I travelled as a researcher, visiting whole of India. From Kanyakumariall the way to Manasarovar. I met all type of saints,avadhuts, Babas, Swamis, aghoras, digambaras, siddhas, yoginis andbhairavinis. I visited everywhere. I visited amazing power spots.

My whole research, all my experiences, I’m putting in one cup giving it to you. In a short cut way, in a quick way, I’m giving it to you.

In India, there are hundreds of thousands of palm leaf manuscripts. Some are one to two thousand years old. These manuscripts describe the traditions and powers of the people 7,000 years back. They wrote beautiful stories in the manuscripts of the time period of Krishna and the time period of Rama.

They gave the scientific formulas of the Cosmic energyin these manuscripts. These are the inner secrecy formulas, showing how to connect to different divine energies. In the spiritual system, the saints say that if you sit in your meditation room and pronounce the perfect formula, you can do whatever you want with the energy. For example, you can send healing energy to someone long distance or give a message to them automatically. By telepathy, by thought, it reaches them. These sacred formulas are a combination of mantra and yantra.

Any saint, any person who wants to win spirituality has to go through the doors of mantra and yantra.

Monika: Swami, when did the ancient knowledge first come to the planet?

Swami: Hundreds of millions of years back. You cannot exactly identify it in the Kala Chakra. The clock you fixed that today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, Wednesday, now the time is 11 o’clock, afternoon, 12 o’clock. But in Her Creation, a second is enough to Her. That is everything. There is no beginning, there is no ending.

Monika: Swami, who brought the knowledge? How did it come the first time? Who received the knowledge?

Swami: The Divine Mother has given the knowledge. Every divine soul received it.

Monika: What has been your role in bringing the knowledge throughout history?

Swami: I don’t like the history. I like the victory.

Monika: Swami, you have been bringing the knowledge for thousands and thousands of years. Is that true?

Swami: Is that true?

Monika: Can you tell us about some of the times you’ve tried to bring the knowledge?

Swami: The time will tell it.

Is there any limit to knowledge? She’s an unbelievable, vast ocean. You can’t drink all the drops of Her water. You can’t digest it. You can digest, but not completely. Some is still left. That is Her.

It’s the time to change the globe’s belief system, so the coming generations know these ancient formulas, which came from the Mother. For millions of years the Kala Chakra has kept running. Billions of souls keep coming and going. How many people are really recognizing what is the real Truth, satya? We need to know the real Truth, of why we’re here. Recognizing the Truth, what is permanent that nobody can change. To recognize the Reality is important, otherwise it is a waste of life. Once you are born, the truth is one day you have to die. After dying, where are you going? Where did you come from? Know where you came from, and where you’re going.Once you know where you came from, you will automatically know where you are going. Between that, easily you can understand all the illusions, this great dream.

For thousands and thousands of years, the negative energy has been holding the Truth. That’s the dharma of the nature. I want to break that. Millions of souls are suffering. For thousands of years, a lot of negativity has stepped on the Truth hiding it, not letting it come out. I want to bring it out. That’s my work. Even if someone throws me in the fire, the Truth will come out. If it comes out, it will be in a delicate way.

So far, the channelings, these yantras, these prayers and mantras, you cannot find anywhere in any palm leaf book. But today, we have them; they exist with us. Our huge block is negligence, a doubting character, thinking how it’s impossible. I can’t help that. I cannot.

I taught thousands of bijaksharas andyantras from the palm leaf books. If your heart is open, you have to follow them. Even if it’s not open, you have to follow them. Then, you can see the results. If you start depending on your monkey mind, I’m not responsible. You’re cheating and you’re deceiving yourself. You’re ignoring the knowledge yourself. Then even though whatever you’re seeing, you’re not recognizing it. Your Swami didn’t write those palm leaf books. No scientist can write that. Is it possible? Even putting them under the lens to see the letters, they are kind of a size of an ant head, that tiny. Hundreds of thousands of words, there’s no way you can write like that today. On the day the maharishis, the saints, they sacrificed their souls, completely dedicated themselves to the Nature and to the Father and Mother. They researched and they discovered and put it in the palm leaf books. Finally, we got them. We got them! Through that information, I’m giving the channelings, the teachings and the prayers. It’s not my own knowledge. It’s what they practiced, and what they proved on the days, thousands of years back. I’m bringing back again that knowledge to be known on the planet.

If you have the doubt, suspecting the process, the knowledge you are doing a crime to yourself. It’s not your Swami Kaleshwar’s own masala. It’s not your Swami Kaleshwar’s own craziness, it is what has already been written, what I practiced, what I tested, what I tasted then I’m giving it to you. So far, pretty good winning, seeing the results. The same thing with Vaastu. I tested it, tasted it. Ten years later, I wrote a book.

Thousands of ancient palm leaf books got burned in the battlefield in wars but some books are still available. At least, let’s bring that information which is available out to the globe. The real knowledge, whatever is helpful to people, you have to learn that, and you have to help the society. All my yantras, mantras, theSri Chakra,are in the palm leaves. It’s not that somebody has made them up. They really researched. So, it completely belongs to the processes. Your first EarthMantra is in the palm leaf book. TheFire Mantra, Water Mantra,all the elements' prayers are there. Ya ma ta ra ja ba na sa la gamis in the palm leaves. The Jesus Christ Yantrais in the palm leaves. It is in the palm leaves.

You cannot believe it, once you hold it in your hand, if you start reading it, you don’t want to stand and walk away. Just you want to read it, read it and read it. It opens your heart that much. Today, we cannot write that book. It’s impossible! Such amazing information. When I hold the palm leaf books, you cannot believe how much high energy vibrations are in those books. In those days, night and day, they kept writing, tiny, tiny letters the size of an ant head, on the leaves. To keep reading it strains the eyes; you need to take the magnifying lens to keep reading it.

We cannot write like that today. We cannot draw any yantra on the leaf today. It’s very difficult. It is impossible. Even the scientists can recognize that it’s not possible to put hundreds of thousands of words on one small leaf.

For example, the Gayatri Mantra. Do you really have any evidence on the GayatriMantra? Have you really seen Vishwamitra Maharshi writing it? Have you really seen the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Have you really seen Jesus Christ’s power objects? No. Do you really know the reality story? The real story what happened at the time? These books will give the clear evidence. These yantras, mantras, shastraswill give the clear evidence of the divine Cosmic channels. About love and affection, religion and all kinds of philosophies, there are thousands of millions of books already available on the market, but this ancient knowledge is only coming out now.

For sure, some unnecessary palm leaf books are available on the market for 500 rupees, 1,000 rupees. You can get it. But the reality books, what they really wrote in them, that’s the real diamond. Camphor and salt look the same but once you taste it, it’s different. Humans all look the same, but each one’s soul graph is different. Each one has his own talent. That you need to recognize; what’s your talent. Once you did the practice, you can get it.

Student: Are the palm leaf books older than the Vedic writings?

Swami: Same, but very old. The Vedas are different information. This is different information.

I’ve read the Puranas, I’ve read the Bible. I’ve read the Vedas, I’ve read all the traditional books. It didn’t make any sense to me. Then, I’ve read the palm leaf books; then it made sense to me. All this information, Bhagavad Gita, Bible are on one side. If you see the ancient palm leaves, they are on the other side. It’s not matching.

If you read the Vedas, Atharva Veda, completely all the miracles, all the supernatural techniques, all the yantras, mantras, tantras, ghora/aghorachannels are there. Out of four Vedas, one Veda has it. But what we’re carrying, it’s 100% crystal clear evidence of the ancient manuscript information. It’s not your Swami’s own masala. No way.

I studied some great ancient information in the palm leaves from 3,000 years ago. Only 0.002% of that information is available on the planet. It’s not available. In the ancient days, only one caste had access to that, the Brahmins. They had it, but they didn’t teach it on the day to the normal people. They kept it secret. From those days onwards, the huge link is missing. After a couple of thousands of years, a huge link was missing. Still it’s missing.

The whole globe is under Maya. It needs to be opened, to bring the big spiritual revolution in a beautiful way, to know the reality of what is in the ancient palm leaves. Five thousand years back, what they really talked on certain Cosmic channels, you cannot see that in the Bible; you cannot see it in the BhagavadGita. It’s real, clear information.

All my teachings are linked with these ancient palm leaf books. I respect the Bible. I respect Buddhism. I respect the Vedas. I follow the ancient tradition. On the days, the truth was written on palm leaves. The meaning is clear. I don’t know who wrote the Bible. Who wrote the Bible?

Students: (different answers) Many people.

Swami: Many people?

Student: I think it started 200 years after the crucifixion.

Swami: 200 years after? How much you can really believe in it? I’m not criticizing any religion. You cannot see any processes in any of those holy books, that if you do them, you will get these benefits. Jesus did some miracles. I am sure he explained them to his students, but it’s not available today on the globe. Buddha, I’m sure he explained some supernatural formulas to his student. He did, but it’s not available today. But some maharishis wrote some formulas in books in India; that’s what we have. If you follow them, you will get the results.

Some information has gone to London. Some information went to Tibet, that area. Some information was left in India, and some information got destroyed. Destroyed is okay, all the remaining pieces, you need to join them. But a lot of wealth, even though it’s gone from India, will come back again. It has to come back. But this knowledge has to go out to the entire globe, that’s my only mission.

There are supernatural formulas in the manuscripts, mantras and yantras, which show how to connect to the Cosmic energy, how to pull the Cosmic, how to operate the Cosmic, how to digest the Cosmic, how to implement the Cosmic, then after implementing the Cosmic, how to receive back from the Cosmic. These are the steps. All these channels are not ordinary. If you do them, the results will be there. These formulas, the ancient tradition information, are about Shiva-Shakti energies. They are 100% divine. Jesus also did the same channels.

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